Sunday, May 27, 2012

Race Day

(Shepherdsville, KY) Hi 91 Lo 71 --  This is Jim's favorite day, nothing gets in the way of his watching all three races on Memorial Day. He got up early to watch the Monte Carlo Grand Prix, then later the Indianapolis 500 and this evening the Charlotte Coca Cola 600.

In between the races Jim dumped the tanks and did a full cleaning by back filling both tanks. As he was back filling the gray tank I heard a gurgling sound in the bathroom and saw that water was coming up out of the drains of both the shower and bathroom sink. I went to the window to tell him to turn off the water. Luckily only a little got onto the floor. That was a first for us. We've heard horror stories of water flooding into the living room and bedroom areas. Jim wasn't too concerned. He said, "At least we got the tank full for a good flush."

I played on the computer and read blogs all day while keeping an eye on the races. Jim did some tinkering with our summer travel route. It looks like we'll get to several states and see some friends along the way. Our main destination is Colorado. We plan to spend at least a month in the Denver and Colorado Springs area. I did an "armchair traveling" trip with the Google maps, using Street View to see how the roads will be along the way.

The Indy race went well, with no one hurt. But we noticed there were a lot of empty seats in the grandstands. We could have walked into the track today and bought good seats, even on the front stretch. Same with the Charlotte race. They blocked off about half of the big stand on the backstretch, with a huge American flag draped on the seats. Sure is different from years past, when you had to be sure to order your tickets ahead of time.

We're moving north tomorrow, headed toward the Chicago area to be with our youngest son and his family. Our step granddaughter's graduation is next week, so we're looking forward to that. We'll be stopping about halfway between here and there so we'll be fresh Tuesday when we hit the Chicago traffic. Plus it's the end of the holiday weekend and everyone will be rushing home.

We've had a ball here in Kentucky. Those of you who call Kentucky home can be proud of your state. It's very beautiful, and the people  here are very friendly. But it's time to move on.


Kimberly and Jerry Peterson said...

Sounds like our kind of day...watching the races!

Safe travels...Chicago is a bear to go pun intended...LOL!

Jim and Sandie said...

When watching the Indy they said people had left their seats and were all crowding under the little bit of shade because it was so hot. Jim always likes the Coca Cola 600 because he's driven that track. Good race.

GGuncle said...

when your in colorado springs you gotta do gold camp road., but use your car. i'm not sure tumbleweed will fit in the tunnels. its a very scenic area. Ellen showed me that area when she lived there. also there is a cave out there that,besides day trips thru it ,they also have a candle lit walk thru at nite. we did the daytime one. dom...

RiverCat said...

Hi there Dee! Miss ya in the chat room but it seems I'm having a software conflict and can't get in. Have a good trip to Chicago!

Jeannie said...

Use to make that drive to downtown Chicago many a time when I lived in Indiana to go see my dad. Good luck and safe travels going through, I bet the roads and traffic are better managed these days.