Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hot Day in Kentucky

(Shepherdsville, KY) Hi 90 Lo 70 -- The temperture is climbing almost to a record breaking high for today's date. It's also humid. We decided to stay in the rest of the weekend till we leave on Monday.

Jim did his walk/jog this morning and while he was gone I walked to the flea market next door to get some vegetables. Last week when we checked out the flea market I noticed a big tent that had fresh fruits and veggies for sale. There was a good selection and I wanted to stock up today before the real heat of the day set in.

The road from the highway to the flea market is also the entrance to our park, and this morning the cars kept coming in while a motor home was trying to leave. I thought he would never get out. He wasn't happy, that's for sure. He kept blowing his air horn to try to get the cars to let him out. I'm surprised he didn't get out and stop traffic, but someone finally let him out. It's interesting watching so many people come in early in the morning, and most are gone by noon. With this heat it's really not comfortable for either the buyers or the sellers.

We watched the Nationwide race from Charlotte. It's hot there too. I feel for the drivers, but at least they have suits that give them cool air. There will be three races to watch tomorrow, but the first one (Monaco GP) starts early in the morning so I doubt if I'll see that one. I also read some blogs and got caught up on where our RV'ing friends are. Some are in cold weather up north or out west. Blow some cooler air this way, please!

Now that it's really hot I'm trying to figure out meals to get without using the gas stove. The stove puts out a lot of heat. I'm thinking microwavable dinners and crock pot meals will also be other ways to make meals. And Jim said he doesn't mind grilling outside when it's hot.

We're glad not to be out and about, the traffic is bad and it's just too uncomfortable. A day inside is our day in paradise. Tomorrow will be packing up the loose stuff and other preparations before our move on Monday.


Jim and Sandie said...

The good thing about AZ heat is the lack of humidity. Even at 108 you can still breath and do things outside in the shade. But I'm like you - I don't cook inside when it's that hot. Microwave, sandwiches or grilling works for me.

Joe and Nancy Conrad said...

We were in that area a few weeks ago, beautiful. Yes it is hot! We are in Dayton Ohio, hot, hot, hot, here too we have been BBQing and microwaving.

Melinda and Paul said...

We are also feeling the heat here in Elkhorn Campground in Frankfort, KY. We were your neighbors here in the spring of 2010, in an identical Cameo. We often pass on your hint for cleaning the bugs off the front cap, crediting the idea to "the dryer sheet man." We're now full-timers and are delighted to have found your blog.