Friday, May 25, 2012

New 4G Phone – The End of the Tours

(Shepherdsville, KY) Hi 90 Lo 74 – We didn’t linger long this morning. We wanted to get our running around done before this afternoon's holiday traffic.

It’s been almost two years since I bought my Droid smart phone. We're on an unlimited data plan and Jim read that Verizon is going to a "shared" data plan sometime this summer. Once they do that, you can keep your unlimited data plan only as long as you keep your current phone. Whenever you upgrade to a new phone you have to go on the limited plan. Since I'm eligible for an upgrade we decided to beat that ruling and upgrade my phone now. Jim has had his 4G phone for a few months so he's set. He's been raving about the speed of 4G. So I got a new Motorola Razr MAXX. We got all my contacts and gmail accounts transferred at the store, and when we got home I re-downloaded all my apps. The last time I changed phones it was a long procedure, so it’s nice to have it go so well.

I had two more wineries to visit to complete the Bullitt County Wine and Bourbon Tour. I still need three more for the state tour, but we’ll do those another time.

The first stop was Brooks Hill Winery.


The wines in this area are great. I'm no wine connoisseur, but I learned that I like sweet wines, but not too fruity. Most of the wineries we’ve been to let you try around four different wines, then you have to pay a couple of dollars for each one after that.

These are all the wines that Brooks Hill had available to taste.

Notice the two real tall bottles to the right. A couple of other wineries also have tall bottles like these. I found out they're really hard to store, especially in our small refrigerator. They're too tall to stand up, and if you lay them on their side they tend to roll around. Oh woe is me! The problems I have to endure to enjoy my wine. :)

The second winery was Milla Nova Winery.


The wines were almost the same as at Brooks Hill. The people at the wineries are always so personable. We’re usually the only ones there and the conversation usually gets around to us explaining our full time lifestyle, where we’ve been and where we’re going.

We received two stemless wine glasses for completing the tour. We like those better than stemmed glasses because they're also good for Jim's bourbon sipping.


Here's one of those tall wine bottles I mentioned above. As you can see, one way to solve the storage problem is to drink all of it the same day you buy it. :)

We got home before the major traffic rush. I spent a couple of hours learning about my new phone and re-downloading my games. It looks like everything is up and running, even the scores transferred over.

It’s supposed to be hot this weekend. We plan to mostly stay around the park. Jim likes to stay in on Memorial Day weekend and watch all the races. There's NASCAR Nationwide race on Saturday, and on Sunday it's the Monaco Formula 1 race, followed by Indy, and then the NASCAR Coca Cola 600 from Charlotte. He'll be bleary-eyed by late Sunday night. :)

The park is full but we haven’t seen many people out and about. I think a lot of them are working folks, so we’ll see who’s around for the weekend. We’ve seen everything in the area that we wanted to see. Just a few more days and we move on.

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Speedy said...

Jim's head will be spinning in a circle. I can't watch that much TV I nap as soon as it comes on.

Joe and Sherri