Thursday, May 24, 2012

Reorganizing Closets

(Shepherdsville, KY) Hi 86 Lo 64 -- We decided not to go anywhere today. Jim did the laundry and I did some interior reorganizing.

We've found out in the last two years that we've used just a small portion of the clothes we have on hand. The weather in Florida is so warm during the winter that we've only used a coat twice, and we don't even wear long sleeve shirts that often. We're getting rid of a lot of stuff. People are  always asking what to take when you're going full time. For us, it's turning out to be mostly shorts and t-shirts, with a few polo shirts and a couple pairs of khakis for "formal" wear. When we're traveling we're not in one place long enough to worry about many changes of clothes because people don't know what you wore last week. And when we find something we'd like to buy we have to think twice about it. The general rule is, if you bring something in you have to take something out. It makes for simple living. I love this lifestyle.

We did a lot of TV watching, catching up on shows we've had recorded for some time. Most of the network shows have had their season finales. We're going to miss House M.D., but hopefully all the others we watch will be back this fall. We're now waiting for the summer series to start on the cable channels, like Burn Notice and The Closer.

I saw something interesting on my walk today. If you've been following us you know we like cement pads in nice, open parks with few trees. I had to giggle when I noticed our neighbor's satellite dish.

That's why we try not to park under trees. :) I can't imagine what the roof of his RV looks like.

I walked over to the pasture next to us to get a closer look at the mules. Two of them are pregnant and look like they're due to give birth any time now. It would be so neat to see the babies before we leave on Monday. The two mom's to be are on the left and right, with a male in the middle.

Here's a few of their friends.

Jim got out the grill and cooked us up some grilled chicken for dinner. Our time here is getting short. If anyone thinks we've missed something in the Louisville area that we haven't seen, please leave a comment.


Donna W. said...

2 problems we will have, both of us cutting back on clothes/shoes and sam train books and dvds.

Donna W. said...

p./s/ love the header pic, I'm a sucker for horses