Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Day With Family - Visit With the Old Friends

(Moscow Mills, MO)  Hi 66 Lo 42 -- We headed to my sister's about 10:00. On the way out we stopped in at the office and met Tom, the owner of the RV park. We commented about the rough roads and he said he likes them that way because it keeps people from speeding through the park. They used to have gravel on the roads, but no matter how careful they were when mowing the mower would kick gravel stones and hit the RV’s or cars.  They’re hoping someday to improve the roads, but apparently it's not high on their priority list right now. We also learned about a proposed pipeline that will go through this area and terminate at nearby Granite City, IL at two refineries. It's part of the XL Pipeline issue that's currently tied up in political wrangling. Tom is waiting (hoping) it's finally approved because it means he'll have a full park of pipeline workers. Interesting stuff.

I took some pictures of our site and the the park. There’s only 25 sites in the park.

This is going uphill with a lot of potholes.

Little playground, but so far we haven’t seen any children around.

There's a field full of sheep next to the park. They breed sheep and send the lambs to New York for slaughtering. Sheep from this breeder are very in demand because they aren't fed any preservatives.

We spent the morning with my sister and mom, and later in the morning we all went to visit Jim and Judy, the neighbors who were nice enough to let us moochdock in their backyard last year. You can read about it here.

Judy, mom, Judy's Jim, and Doris

My sister's pond is almost full. There has been run off and tiny waterfalls going to the woods from all the rain.

Doris and Herm removed a tree that was in the front of their house and made a nice looking rock garden.

We brought mom back to the RV for dinner and played around with her Kindle Fire. We tried to download Google Maps so she can follow us on Latitude when we travel. However, the Android Market isn't accessible on the Fire, and Google Maps isn't available in the Amazon App Store. But Jim figured out a way to "side load" Google Maps by getting the program file off his phone and onto his laptop. Then he hooked the Fire up to the laptop with a USB cord and "dragged and dropped" the file onto the Fire. It works great. We now have to work on getting Latitude to work. To be continued...

We had a great time today.


Jim and Sandie said...

Boy did you lose me when you explained how Jim side loaded. With only 25 sites there might not be a whole lot of money to do anything to the roads. But I would think that good roads with a couple of speed bumps would do the job as long as the speed bumps weren't too bad.

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Where is that park you guys are at, We hadn't heard of one up there in the Moscow Mills area. See Ya when we get back. Sam & Donna..

Donna W. said...

We arent that far from Moscow Mills you could have stayed in our driveway for nothing...and no potholes

Speedy said...

I have a lot of catching up to do. We have been without Internet for the past week. I don't like that and will try to avoid those places when I can.

Joe and Sherri

Tumbleweed Jim said...

Donna W, thanks for the offer. Speedy, we forgot to mention on the blog that we have EXCELLENT free wi-fi here in the park. Jim

Elaine said...

our wifi was sketchy the last couple of weeks...and the verizon stick was a pain...so I could put up with potholes for good wifi..lol your mom looks well...