Monday, April 16, 2012

Meeting a Blog Reader - Visiting with Family

(Moscow Mills, MO)  Hi 66 Lo 45  --  We had a smooth trip to Moscow Mills, MO,  where we'll be spending a week with my sister and mom. Mom is doing great! She's so much better then she was when we left her in NC in October. She's walking without a walker and has gained some weight. We're proud of her.  Thanks sis for taking care of her.

We had very special visitors this morning before we left Sikeston. There was a knock on our door and it was one of our blog readers who wanted to say hi. Clara and her husband Mark were parked a few sites down from us. They're from northwest Arkansas, and they hope to go full time someday. We loved meeting them and wish we had more time to get to know them better.

Thank you Clara and Mark for taking the time to look us up.  We hope to see you again down the road someday.

Our trip was straight up I-55. Southern Missouri is very beautiful, with a lot of rocky hillsides. The trees are budding, and everything is so green in the rolling hills. 

Sunrise RV Park is a small park with very bumpy, pot-holed roads, but nice level concrete pull through pads. Jim had to slowly maneuver through the rough spots to our site. I didn't get a picture, we were in a hurry because we had to get to my sister's before she left for work. We had trouble with the 50-amp power, so we connected to 30-amp and stopped by the office to let them know. If or when they fix the 50-amp we'll switch to it, but we don't plan to have to use the air conditioner, so we're fine with 30-amp. 

We took mom out for Imo's pizza, which is a St. Louis area specialty. Then went back to sit with mom awhile before going back to the RV. 

It should be a great week.

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Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Glad to see you guys made it up to our area safe. We will be leaving for Fla the 19th (Thur) at 06:00AM so we will see you when we get back.I am sure Donna & I can make it over to Scott while your there. be safe out there. Sam & Donna..