Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sikeston, MO

(Sikeston, MO) Hi 84 Lo 66 – We had nothing planned today. We needed a down day to recoup and get caught up on reading where other RV’ers are and be sure no one was in the tornado areas from last night. We also tracked the storms that may hit our area tonight. We’re in line for possible high winds and hail. It’s been windy with 30-35 mph gusts all day. We’re not rocking like we normally do because it’s coming from the west and is hitting our home from the front rather than the side.

After lunch and getting the laundry done we went out to take a drive through downtown Sikeston. It's a typical midwestern town, well laid out with immediate access to I-55 and I-57. We’ve noticed in all our travels that most towns have more than one dollar-type store. Sikeston has a "Dollar Store" and two "Family Dollar" stores. We like stopping at those stores for quick items that we need.

In the center of town stand ‘The Columns’. The pillars stand as a monument to the city’s religious heritage and the beautiful First Methodist Church, which was erected in 1879 and tragically destroyed by fire in 1968. The Church's congregation was the first Methodist Church west of the Mississippi River.

The RV park was full last night, but when I got up there were very few RV’s  around. A few came in today but it's still not full. We happen to be staying at more parks this year with pull throughs, and we’re loving it. (At least Jim is. Much easier to park!) This RV park is small but very nice for stop overs.

Tumbleweed is the fourth RV from the right.

Jim took a nap and I worked on organizing the photos we’ve taken the last few moves. Tomorrow we’ll be going to the Troy, MO area for a week to spend some time with my mom and sister.

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Donna W. said...

Hey wave at us as you go by enroute to your sisters !
Hope you didnt get those bad storms last night that we did.
Winds were actually blowing the inside door off the enclosed porch open. and 3" of rain