Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fun With Family

(Moscow Mills, MO)  Hi 66 Lo 55 -- We were barely up and moving around when we heard the park owner and his son come out to our electric pedestal to check it and see why the 50-amp plug isn't working (we're plugged into 30-amp). He thought at first it was our electric cord, but Jim pulled out our spare and plugged it in and it didn’t work either. They finally determined it was the breaker in the pedestal, so they took a breaker out of another pedestal and put it in ours and it now works. So now we have 50-amp power. It's not a big deal because 30-amps works just fine for us, especially in this cool weather and no need to run the air conditioner. One thing we forgot to mention in our review of the park yesterday, we have AWESOME free park wi-fi! Using Jim measured our download speed at over 5 mb/s. With most park wi-fi you're lucky to get 1 mb/s. (And when we're using Verizon 3G, either on our mi-fi card or tethering our smartphones, we average between 1/2 and 1 mb/s download.) But enough "geek" stuff.

Jim had to go to the St. Louis VA Medical Center in downtown St. Louis to have blood drawn to check his Coumadin level. He was in and out pretty quick, and he should be notified by his "home" VA center in Tampa of the results in a day or so. In one more month he will get an EKG and if it's normal he'll be able to stop taking the Coumadin and just take a daily aspirin. He's looking forward to that.

While he was gone I went to my sister's to spend some more time with her and mom. We went into Wentzville for some last minute groceries and a few other errands, including getting a handicapped car sticker for mom. We thought it would take awhile but we got in and right back out with no problems. Now when she's out and about with Sis she won’t have to walk very far when they park the car.

Jim met us back at my sister's later in the afternoon. Sis made us a great lasagna dinner, with caesar's salad, french bread, and for dessert a choice of two pies, chocolate silk and key lime. What a feast!

We took some catfish food down to the pond and fed the fish, which is always fun. There are a lot of catfish, including some pretty big ones.

Sis Doris and Mom, with Zoey the Great Dane.

Sis has an infrared camera set up on the edge of the woods behind their pond. It has a motion detector and goes off automatically whenever any animal walks in front of it. She's gotten some interesting photos with it.


Young doe

Opossum headed toward the salt block

We left a couple hours after dinner and returned to our home. There’s almost no Verizon signal at my sister's place, so I was behind on my Words With Friends games. When we get about five miles down the road toward our park the signal comes back, so I got caught up on my games on the way home. Back at home Jim watched the Cardinals game while I got on chat.


Speedy said...

Those photos are so cool.


Sandra said...

Glad you're having a visit with family and that your Mom is doing well.

Lots of luck to Jim. Hope he's off that drug PDQ!