Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Day With Mom, and a Visit From a Friend

(Moscow Mills, MO)  Hi 77 Lo 55 - Jim took his truck this morning to have the oil and filter changed, and also had a new fuel filter installed. When that was done he went to pick mom up at my sister's and brought her back to our place to spend the afternoon and evening.

While Jim watched the Cards baseball game on TV I took mom on some "traveling" trips using Google Maps. She's always wanted to see North Dakota and Maine, so I used the "street view" feature on Google Maps and, using my mouse we "traveled" down some highways in those two states. As most of you know, street view gives a photographic view of the road and surrounding countryside and is very valuable in trip planning as you can check out your route ahead of time. Mom was amazed as I manipulated the mouse and she could see down the road ahead and also the passing countryside on each side.

Later in the afternoon Ken Frericks stopped by on his way from Quincy, IL to the St. Louis airport to pick up his wife Cindy. Our place was a good staging area for him to wait for Cindy's call telling him when she'll land. He spent about an hour and a half with us and it was great to catch up on all our doings. We'll get to see more of Ken and Cindy the next couple of days, so stay tuned.

After Ken left we had dinner, then I took mom back home. The next couple of days will be busy, as our time to move draws closer.

I finally have a sunset from this area. It was pretty tonight out West from the RV park.


Elaine said...

Bless her dear heart....showing such an interest in the computer..Ricks mom was the same...enjoy your time with her...

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

If Jim changes his own fuel filters I have a source from the web called Fleet filters that sells them for $25.99 instead of $60 I just ordered two and changed mine before we left on our trip.If he needs it I will em-mail there website to you. Be safe out there Sam & Donna..