Sunday, March 18, 2012

Busy Day

(Avon Park, FL) Hi 83 Lo 56 -- Another wonderful day! We're keeping busy for sure this year. We had neighbors pull in across from us and found out today they're full timers and have been on the road for 12 years.

Jim dumped our tanks this morning, or as he likes to call it his P.O.O.P. job, which stands for Pump Out Operation Procedure. Only two more P.O.O.P jobs until we leave. :)

This morning I got caught up on reading blogs while and Jim watched his Sunday morning news/talk shows. I called mom and sis to see what's up with them. Besides sis trying to get over a flu bug they're doing well. Mom seems to be doing a lot better now that she's eating better. We'll be there in just a few weeks.

We watched the NASCAR race from Bristol, and it was interesting to see so many empty seats at the track. A few years ago there was a year-long waiting list to get tickets for Bristol. A sign of the (economic) times I guess. We took a break from the race to go to the monthly ice cream social. Not very many showed up, I guess because of the NCAA basketball tournament going on.

We came back and finished watching the race, and after getting a bit to eat we picked up Jon and Kathleen and went to Wauchula to Little Charlie Creek RV park, where we stayed last year. We went there to see a concert by the southern gospel group Trust Quartet. We saw them last year and loved them. They usually have three men and one woman, but they occasionally have another lady join them who used to be a permanent member of the group. Their harmonizing gave us goosebumps, and it was very moving to hear their testimony and how joyful they are.

We met up with our good friends Fred and Martha, who we spent a lot of time with last year at Little Charlie Creek. It was so nice to see them again!

Fred, Martha, Kathleen and Jon
We had a wonderful time! Thank you Kathleen and Jon for going with us. 

Ten days till we start moving North. 


Laurie and George said...

Very cool that you get entertainment like that! I bet it was very uplifting.

squawmama said...

Sounds like a great day....
Have fun