Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

(Avon Park, FL) Hi 83 Lo 57 -- Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone. I hope you all had your corned beef and cabbage today! No? Well, neither did we.  :)

I was woken up this morning by the engine of the motorhome next to us. He starts his engine every couple of weeks so I didn’t think anything about it and fell back to sleep. An hour later when I got up and looked out the kitchen window I noticed it was gone! The couple to our right is also gone. We’re left all alone on our corner of the park.

Jim went to Lakeland today to watch a spring training game between his St. Louis Cardinals and the Detroit Tigers. He's making this a yearly thing. He loves his Cards! Here's a picture he sent me from the game on his phone.

He said both teams were wearing green jerseys and green hats for St. Patrick's Day, and it was strange looking and hard to tell the teams apart. He had fun though.

I stayed at the park and watched the St. Patrick’s parade. Everyone decorates their golf carts, bikes, dogs, and even the walkers.

Jon and Kathleen decorated their bikes. (Click on any picture to make it larger)





Check out Lucy in the middle


They were all very good and everyone had a good time.

After the parade everyone met at the clubhouse for the awards. I don’t know all the winners, but Jon and Kathleen won gift certificates to Arby’s. That's where they went to dinner tonight.

The chorus sang a few Irish songs.

The dancing group did an Irish jog.

When everything was over I came back to the RV to clean up for company we're having on Monday. I also played some games and watched TV while waiting for Jim to get home.

Tonight we had Jon and Kathleen over for some cards and chit chat. It was a great St. Pat’s day.


Gail and Rick (Gypsy Turtles) said...

What fun! Looks like everyone really had a great time :)

Kevin and Ruth said...

I remember going to a Boston's Red Sox Spring Training Game 2 years ago today in Fort Meyers. It was sold out and with it being Boston and St. Paddy's Day so many people were dressed up and having a great time and the Red Sox won.

Kevin and Ruth

Carol and Kevin said...

I believe Kevin is a Cardinals fan as well. He said something about needing to make sure we have satellite so we (he) can watch the games. Looks like a fun parade.