Monday, March 19, 2012

Family Visitors - Passing Time

(Avon Park, FL) Hi 83 Lo 57 -- We had company coming today, Jim's cousin Andy and his wife Dee were stopping by on their way from Okeechobee to their home in St. Cloud. I got up early to be sure to be awake enough and do some last minute straightening up.

It was nice outside so Jim sat outside reading while I watched a couple of TV shows I had recorded.  Here's how I pass the time while waiting on someone or something... Read emails first, then all the blogs that have updated on the blog list, read all the updates on Facebook and Twitter. Since there was a race yesterday and I follow a lot of the drivers, it's neat to read what they "tweet" on Monday mornings.  When all the reading is done, there's an hour or two with Words with Friends, Gardens of Time, and Chronicles games. Sometimes that's all day long, depending on how long at a time I play. I love Words as I've mentioned before, and I can play anywhere anytime on my Droid smartphone.

I was through about half of all that when Andy and Dee drove up. It was great to see them again. We sat under our awning and chatted awhile, then it was lunch time so we headed to our favorite local restaurant, the Blue Lagoon. They have excellent wings and huge sandwiches. During lunch we made plans to get together more often next year, then headed back to the RV for more visiting. We had a late afternoon appointment at the clubhouse for a picture taking session for the 2012 Park Directory, so they decided to leave at that time and head home.

Thanks for stopping by Andy and Dee; we'll see you next year!

We had a late lunch and we weren't very hungry at dinner time, so we had a light snack before heading to the clubhouse for card night. After that, it was TV for Jim and the chatroom for me to pass more time well into the late night.

What a life!


Allen and Lolita DuGuay said...

Sounded like a nice lunch and visit with your friends. Have a great week!

Jim and Sandie said...

It is getting to be that time to say see ya in the fall to good friends.

Elaine said...

sounds like a great visit with the cousins...almost time for you guys to hit the road :) I know your anxious to move on Dee...

squawmama said...

How nice ~ good to have family visit. Glad you had a great day!
Have fun & Travel safe

Speedy said...

Not sure how your weather has been but ours is the pits. We had rain starting at 2:00 am and ending at noon today!

Joe and Sherri