Friday, September 2, 2011

Movie Day

(Joliet, IL) Hi  91 Lo 66 -- I'll start off by turning the keyboard over to Jim to tell about his evening out last night...

I had a fun time last night at the Bears game. It was a pre-season game so it didn't mean much, but it was great to experience the great atmosphere in Soldier Field. I rode the Metra train from Homewood to downtown, a ride of about 40 minutes. Son Rick was there to meet me, having come there from work. Rick was in the Bears Drumline for a couple of seasons, so he's been to a lot of games and has been in all parts of the stadium. It was nice having him as a guide. I took a few pictures with my Droid smart phone.

Here's a view from our seats, about an hour before game time.

We were in the second row from the top, which was a loooooong climb! It provided a great view of the action though. There's really not a bad seat in the whole place. The next two shots were taken during the game, after a few more fans showed up. 

If you click on this to enlarge it, you can see Navy Pier in the distance above the top of the grandstand.
Some game action.
It was a hot night... very hot! It was still around 90 when the game started, and very muggy. The Bears won the game 24-14. After the game we walked over to the train station and rode the Metra back to Homewood. After a late night visit to White Castle (nothing like some "belly bombers" at midnight!) I dropped Rick off at his house and drove home. Our lifestyle allows only occasional visits with our kids, so I treasure a night like this. Nothing like sitting in the stands with your son, enjoying a sporting event, and just talking. Here it was football. Our next stop is the St. Louis area, where I hope to do the same thing with Son Frank, only at a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game. Thanks Rick for a great evening... I love you son.

Now, I'll turn it back over to Dee for today's events...

We decided to make today a movie day. We've heard many good reports about the movie "The Help," so we went to a cinema in a nearby mall to see it. It was excellent, and is likely to get some Oscar nominations. It's set in the early 60's in Jackson, Mississippi. It has a lot of meaning to those of us who grew up in those years before civil rights. Marvelous acting and a great story. If you go to see it, be sure you take a hanky!

Traffic has picked up a lot and people are starting to arrive in the park for the holiday weekend. But it's not as crowded as I thought it would be, at least not yet. 

This weekend we'll be with the kids. There's a lot going on so stay tuned. 

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squawmama said...

Love going to the football games... haven't been to one forever... Glad you told me about the movie ~ I don'r like tear jerkers!!!
Have fun