Thursday, September 1, 2011

'da Bears!

(Joliet, IL) Hi  94  Lo 68 --  It's another month. I thought August would never end, just one of those months that seemed to go on forever. We didn't do anything today, just too hot and humid again to get out.

I played games on Facebook and did a little cleaning, plus changed the location of all my shotglasses. They were along the top of the door side slide, but we worried everytime we moved if they'd fall behind the slide and interfere when we moved the slide out. I moved them to the off-door slide and mounted them (with velcro tape) to the shelf along the top of the reefer and pantry. They're not on the top of the slide now, so the worst that can happen is they'll fall onto the floor. (That's happened once since we've been on the road, and the glass shattered on the Corian countertop.) They look nice, and now you can see them when you walk in the door.

Jim left around 3:30 for the Metra station to take the train to Chicago to join son Rick for the Bears game tonight. Rick is taking a taxi from his workplace and will meet Jim at the station near Soldier Field. It's the first time in a long time that Jim's had the chance to go to an NFL game so he's excited about it. Especially since he also gets to spend an evening with his boy! He promised to take some pictures, which we'll post in tomorrow's blog.

Just one of those days, not much going on. It should cool down a bit by Friday, and we have a lot planned for our last weekend here. I'm looking forward to watching rigs pull into the park for the long weekend.


Sandra said...

Nice header photo! LOL I remember that place!

You get a night alone. Enjoy! Hope Jim and Rick have fun too.

Ali said...

Enjoy your evening and the shot glasses look gives me an idea of doing something along the top of the cabinet in our living room that has a little shelf with a railing. Thanks.

squawmama said...

Those shot glasses are an excellent idea but I'd be afraid they would come loose with the bumpy roads
Have fun

Judy and Emma said...

From what I've heard, we're not going to cool down until Sunday! I've got my towel to mop my sweat ready for tomorrow! :)

Rick and Elaine NB said...

love the shot glasses!! Cute collection. Glad Jim got to get to a game and spend quality father time with your it gives you some Dee time :)

Rick and Elaine NB said...

cute collection of shot glasses and good idea for securing them...glad Jim got to a game..great father on time and it gives you some Dee time :0)

Dave and Maxine- Wandering Wingers said...

So, did you take any shots as you moved the glasses from one side to the other? I think you would have to test each one to make sure they still worked!

Mike and Terri said...

DA BEARS!! Originating from Illinois, we love da Bears! Hope the guys have fun and you enjoy your "me" time.

Budd Nash said...

Dee, if you have not tried it you might get some earthquake putty (variously called museum putty, museum gel, BlueStik, and a number of other things.

It even comes in a clear gel form so that it does not show if used to hold down glass items. I use it to hold pictures on the wall, a kleenex box on the book stand between our recliners and anything else I want to be where I last put them. When the kleenex box is empty, I peel the 4 putty spots off the bottom of the box and stick them under the corners of a new box and it stays there until it's empty.

Love the pics of the stadium. I gotta do that some day, too.