Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Downtime Today

(Scott AFB, IL) Hi 95 Lo 65 -- HOT and humid! It was 94 degrees today... what's up with that? It's been so beautiful lately and all of a sudden it's summer again. Oh well, cooler weather is coming starting tomorrow. I had a couple things to do today, but I ended up just playing games on the computer and trying to keep cool. I did go to the commissary to get a few groceries, and Jim did a half-hour power walk, but otherwise it was a lazy day.

After dinner we drove to nearby Shiloh to watch Kendall's football practice. I was amazed at the detailed instruction these 9-year old kids were getting. The coaches were terrific. They gave the kids a good workout but made sure they didn't go "overboard" with the contact. It was neat to watch the kids aggressively push each other around in the blocking drills. I learned along with them, now I'll know what to watch for in a real game.  Now if I could learn to find the ball after it's hiked I'll BEGIN to like the game.

We came back home to watch the final four performances on America's Got Talent. We both really like that show. (We think the Frank Sinatra wannabe, Landau Eugene Murphy Jr., is going to win.)


Jim and Sandie said...

It definitely cooled off here in MT today. I think I'll need a coat tomorrow. I'm not ready for that yet either even though I hated this long hot summer. I like AGT also. I'm not too sure who's going to win this one. Landau is just fantastic but Team Illuminate and (senior moment) the other group are so unique. It'd be nice for somebody besides a singer to win.

Gail Houle said...

I'm with you about not being able to follow the ball! BUT, I can usually find the football. It's the hockey puck I lose. It's just too small and fast for these old eyes :)

Bob said...

One thing about Southern Ontario I DON'T miss is the humidity in the summer. The Austrians here sometimes think it's "humid", but they have no idea. When I tell them you can almost "chew" the air it's so damp, then they begin to clue in.
I prefer however, to try and never complain about the heat, since it will be cold soon enough.
Keep your powder dry.

squawmama said...

Ya need a down day every once in a while to recharge...lol I voted for Landau Eugene Murphy Jr but you never know who is going to win. I love Team Illuminate also but think even if they lose they have a great career in front of them ~ they could win also!
Have fun & Travel safe

RV Khronicles of Kevelyn said...

I like America's Got Talent, too. We actually got to see Terry Fater in Las Vegas last year. I'm hoping Team Illuminate wins. They are just so unique! Of course, I was hoping the motorcycle guys from Wisconsin would win, but they made too many mistakes last week. Oh, well!

Anonymous said...

Well, tonight we find out who the winner is. I voted for Landau Eugene Murphy Jr and I really hope he wins. But, it is going to be a tough job, the final four are all so tatlented.