Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rainy Day, and Dinner with Friends

(Scott AFB, IL) Hi 70 Lo 57 -- Storms and rain woke us up during the night. By the time we got to sleep there would be another crash of thunder. It rained all night and day. The temperature fell all day and it's supposed to be in the 40's by tomorrow night. That's quite a drop!

I was going to go to town today, but it was just too nasty out. I stayed in and read more blogs and played computer games. We're both so content just watching TV and doing our thing on the computers. The only downside, our internet connection is very slow. We use Verizon 3G for our internet, either by tethering our Droid smart phones or using the Mi-Fi. We have lots of "bars" on our phones, but the connection has been very slow ever since we've been here. We're thinking it's because of all the electronic signals from radars and communications equipment here on the base. But at least we HAVE internet, and we're thankful for that.

We watched a couple of rigs leave this morning in the pouring rain. We're so glad this wasn't a travel day for us. It would be miserable getting ready to move on a dark, dreary day like this.

We went out to dinner tonight with our good friends Les and Dee. We met them in 1982 when we moved here in the military. We try to meet up with them whenever we come to this area. They took us to Margaritas Mexican restaurant in downtown Belleville. The food was excellent. We talked for a couple of hours, then with hugs we parted and left for home. We'll see them again next Spring when we come back through.

Thank you Les and Dee for a wonderful evening.
We went back home  to settle in and watch America's Got Talent to see who wins this year. 


squawmama said...

Always nice meeting up with friends... every once in awhile you need a rainy do nothing day!!!
Have fun & Travel safe

Kevin and Ruth said...

It got cold all right...only 50F inside the motorhome when we woke up this morning!

Kevin and Evelyn said...

Well, you were right. The singer won again. I think people liked his background story. He is also a good singer.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jim and Dee, sounds like you are having fun in your old stomping grounds..Cant wait to see you again. Our yard is clean and waiting for you. I get my pic done with the office crew for the paper next week, I guess Im a keeper,, love you,, sharon