Friday, August 26, 2011

Photography with Son -- Grandson's First Day at School

(Joliet, IL)  Hi 79 Lo 54 --  Wonderful Day! Warm in the sun and cool in the shade... really nice. Our son Rick came over for the day to spend some time with us and also to play with his photography hobby. He set up his gear and took some photos of us and the RV. We had a good time while he experimented with the lighting. It was fun watching him and Jim talking all that photography jargon and trying different techniques. Rick's got some post-processing to do, but hopefully you'll see a new photo of us here on the blog in the next few days.

Jim and Rick

Later in the afternoon we went to Aurora, about 45 minutes away, to meet our grandson Jack as he got off the school bus. It was his first day of kindergarten and also the first time riding the bus by himself. We joined Jack's mom at the corner to wait. The bus was about 40 minutes late, but it finally arrived, and when Jack got off he was really excited, but very tired after being up all last night worrying about it. He fell asleep in the car on the way back to our place. He's with Rick this weekend, so we'll able to spend some time with him.

Jack coming off the bus.

Jack is telling Rick and Jim all about his first day at school.

We went back to the Casino and had dinner. They have great food. Rick dropped us off and went on home. We settled in for the evening with the NASCAR Nationwide race, and watching the hurricane Irene updates. We're concerned about our family in NC, but God willing they'll all be fine.

Tomorrow we start a busy weekend with Rick and the family.


Jeannie said...

That's really special that you got to participate in his first day coming off the bus and have pictures to boot. Cute grandson!

Speedy said...

Looks like this storm is not what they thought it would be???

squawmama said...

Our tein grandsons started kindergarten this year too... It is exciting but they are growing up to fast!!!
Have fun & travel safe

Margie and Roger said...

How nice that you were able to be there for the first day of school and riding the bus. Neat!

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Boy brought back memories of my sons 1st day of special...of course before he left he had to ask me why he had to go because he was sure he already knew more than the teacher.