Sunday, August 28, 2011

Laziness Takes Over

(Joliet, IL) Hi 75  Lo 56 -- Perfect day today. I keep adding the word perfect so I can search on that term ("perfect day") at the end of the year and see where we were when we had good (perfect) weather throughout the year.

It was one of those lazy days. We both thought we'd take a long walk to the Casino after we ate breakfast. The longer we sat working on the computer the less ambition we had. Jim worked on some future plans and I got caught up on blogs. Then I got involved with all the pictures we've taken this week of all the activities with our son, then it was game time in Facebook with Words with Friends and Gardens of Time. Both games are fun and they take up time. All those activities keep me from getting cabin fever, at least for a day or two. I'm very content. 

We called the family to be sure there was no after effects of the storm that they didn't know about yesterday, and all is fine.  We followed the TV coverage of the storm as it went up the East coast to see if it was as bad as predicted. It looks like there's a lot of flooding but very little structural damage. 

It was a day of laziness, which is ok. But tomorrow is another day, and we have some things we have to get done so we'll at least get out of the house. 


Gail and Rick (Gypsy Turtles) said...

We had a day just like yours :) It took me until noon to just get dressed!

Sometimes it's nice to have days like that.

Speedy said...

Good to hear you family is OK

squawmama said...

Everyday can't be a day of excitement... you need a LAZY day from time to time!!! Enjoy it!
Have fun & Travel safe

Carol and Johnny said...

Glad to hear the family is okay. Lazy days are good sometimes... So long as you don't get too many in a row!