Monday, August 29, 2011

Good Customer Service

(Joliet, IL) Hi 78  Lo 59 -- Perfect day. Today was a day of errands. Our first stop was the bank to get some financial papers notarized. We weren't sure where to go, but I remembered a long time ago someone mentioned that banks usually have a notary service. We stopped at the first bank we came to, a First Midwest Bank. It's the first time we were actually inside a bank in a long time. The nice lady teller was kind enough to notarize our papers, and she also faxed them for us, all at no cost. It was great customer service, considering we don't have an account there. It was nice to have good service for a change.

We went to a nearby mall to kill some time before our appointment to get my car windshield fixed. We walked around for a while and then had some lunch before heading a couple of miles down the street to Safelite. We got there a little early, before they were back from lunch. But we only had to wait a few minutes.  I passed the time on our Droids, me playing Words With Friends and Jim reading on his Kindle app.

On the way home we stopped by an RV dealer to have one of our propane tanks filled. The tank we ran off of last week when we ran our generator all afternoon finally ran out. When we got home I continued doing some some research on an assisted care place in NC for my mom. I've made a few phone calls, and I'm getting all kinds of offers to visit some facilities when we get back to Raleigh in October. Some of them want to give us tours and treat us to lunch. I'm surprised they do that since there's usually so many people waiting to get into assisted care facilities. We'll work with mom to get her financials in order and help her make a decision on where she wants to go. Then hopefully we'll help her move while we're there in October. I chatted online with mom quite a bit today. I'm so proud of her for being able to do it.

The evening was spent on chat and TV watching. Tomorrow we get to spend some more time with grandson Jack and son Rick. Can't wait!


Speedy said...

Its hard taking care of parents. Sherri and I had to do it for years. We no longer have our parents and miss them all the time. I guess we will soon be there too..
Somewhere in Time

Anonymous said...

We live in SC. Be sure to check out retirement homes. They have all the amenities of an assistant living except bathing & dressing and cost about $1,000 less per month. My Mother has lived in one for 8 years now & will be 90 next month. As she's gotten older, we have contracted w/a service who gives her medicines & do her laundry. They give her meds to her 3 times a day at $30 per day. Later, we added to the service by having someone come every morning and get her up and make her bed & spend 1 hr w/her for $12 per day. Despite these add-ons, her costs still run about $1,000 less a month than assistant living. Her room has pull cords. Included are sheets & linens which they launder. Also included are all 3 meals, maid service once a week and all utilities. She has a very nice room for about $1927 a month. My Mother loves living there. Unless your Mother is an invalid, a retirement facility is certainly worth considering.

squawmama said...

Hope you find a great place for your mom... It is a hard thing to do for sure! Looks like you had a pretty busy day!
Have fun & Travel safe

GGuncle said...

ellens late husbands mom is in an assisted living place. we got to visit her often;she loves the place.we offered a couple of times to take her out ,but she said why would i want to go anywhere,they wait on me, i have a private room,they feed me three times a day, they do my laundry, i got tv in my room,they have a hairdresser here, & an ice cream social in the evening(i wonder if shes got a boyfriend there she isnt telling us about. ha ha), She will be 99 in feb. & is as sharp as a tack. Dom...

Budd Nash said...

Dee, I don't know your mother's preferences and such but Merrily's sister just got into the new Carillon assisted living facility on Hodge rd near Knightdale.

She was in the Wake Forest Assisted living center until June and this place is the Taj Mahal by comparison.

They have a lot of ongoing programs and also have a number of other locations so they have a lot of experience and really seem to know how to do it right.

Good luck with your hunt.