Monday, June 20, 2011

Shopping with Sandra

(Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada) Hi 74  Lo 58-- Today we both worked on organizing all the photos that we've been taking in the area.  If we get too far behind we won't be able to catch up. Jim did the laundry. There's only one available washer and dryer here in the park so it took longer than usual. I met with Sandra at 1:30 for an afternoon of geocaching and shopping. I speak of Geocaching quite a bit. I like going geocaching, but I don't like it when I don't find them. We had four picked out. The first one was along the canal near a lock. The area was full of mosquitos, and I saw a small snake. A snake isn't one of my favorite things to see, so we left without finding it. The second one was in a parking lot in some trees, but we couldn't find it either. We went for number three and Sandra found it with no problem.

Finally we looked for number four. It took a bit of time because some construction in the area kept us from getting to where the GPS was pointing. We walked around the building and finally got it. Both of these caches are camera film cases.

Sandra needed some groceries so we headed to the grocery store. I only needed a couple items, but as I usually do, I picked up a few more items. I noticed that a lot of the veggies and fruits are from the USA. Now I know where to get stateside food... come to Canada. I did get a couple items that I can't get in the states but most all the foods are the same.

I came back home and put groceries away, then sat outside for a while.  A lot of the RV's have left the park and it's quiet again. The neighbors from Montreal are still here, but we didn't see them till later in the evening.   There weren't very many boats going through, but one came by that was from Maryland. He was too late to go through the lock today so he tied up to the side of the canal to spend the night.

Jim got out the grill and cooked up some ribs for dinner, then we settled in for the evening.


JB said...

We commented both in the Imperial Valley in California and in Florida that we seemed to have better quality produce from those to spots at home in Canada than we could buy right where it was grown.

GGuncle said...

Dee, dont feel too bad if you dont find some of those caches. we all have our bad days that the geo-gods dont co-op with us. I left home one day with 25 caches in one area that i figured should be a snap to do. the first seven were DNF's; found the next three ,ten more DNF's; & found the last 5. i only had a gps at the time(not the phone), & i was beginning to think my gps was haywired. or maybe the persons co-ords werent spot on. Dom...