Friday, May 13, 2011

Visit to the Old W**kplace – Shredding

(Raleigh, NC)  Hi 79 Lo 67 – The first thing on the agenda today was to get the emails read then get over to my last workplace and check out what’s going on.  I got there before noon and learned they laid off one person.  I got all caught up on what’s going on in town, then went back to the RV.

Mom gave me all her old paperwork that needed shredding. I checked a couple of commercial shredding services in town but it was $99 for the first 500 pounds.  I’ll save the money and do it myself. I was busy with that the rest of the afternoon. 

We went out to a Mexican restaurant for dinner with some friends, then back to the RV just before a storm went through.  Luckily it was mostly west of us, so all we got was a hard rain shower.

We watched the Craftsman Truck race from Dover, DE while I was on chat and reading blogs.

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Gypsy said...

That seems like a lot of money for shredding paper, but I guess they have to pay someone to sit there and feed it in.