Saturday, May 14, 2011

Flea Market

(Raleigh, NC) Hi 79 Lo 65 – It rained last night and off and on all day. The first thing we wanted to do today was go next door to the NC State Fairgrounds to the flea market just to see what’s there. I was looking for a small card holder for all the membership cards that I don't need to carry in my wallet.  We found one of the vendors closed with this sign...

It says “Have gone to welcome our home town idol Scotty McCreery. We will be back Sunday." Scotty McCreery is a local boy who is in the final three on American Idol.  He flew into town today and they're having a big parade for him in Garner, where he's scheduled to perform for his hometown fans.

The flea market is really sparse. Jim said it was the same last weekend when he walked over to it. It may have been because of the threat of rain, but it sure is smaller than it used to be.
There’s lots of empty spaces.

Jim did the laundry while I got things put away for our move on Monday. I also watched some recorded TV shows that I’m behind on. I’ll never get caught up. I also started a new game on Facebook called Gardens of Time, which is another addictive game.  Now I have Angry Birds, Words with Friends and Gardens of Time. I think I have plenty to do now, and I'm loving it.

We picked up mom and went out to eat at a really great Chinese place tonight with our friends Clara and Jim. 

Jim, Vena (My mom) and Clara

One more picture of mom, with me and Jim

After dinner we took mom back to her apartment.  We sat with her for a while and then returned to our home on wheels.  It was a great day.

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Jeff & Barbie said...

Looks like you are having good times with mom and friends!