Sunday, May 15, 2011

Last Day in Raleigh

(Raleigh, NC) Hi 80 Lo 58 – I got up earlier then planned because when I woke up I read the clock wrong.  It was very humid today. I printed out some of the pictures we took last weekend for mom. I also backed up  over 24 GB of photos on DVDs that were taken in 2010. I still need to get the 2011 photos backed up but there aren't enough yet to fill a DVD. There's no rush to do this because DVDs are our secondary backup. We also regularly back up everything on an external drive.

Jim did his pre-trip tire check and reinstalled the Pressure Pro monitoring system. He had to re-program the sensors on the new tires. The old tires were 80 lbs and the new ones are 120 lbs. He also dumped and back-flushed the tanks and filled the truck with diesel. We're now ready to hit the road in the morning. We're only traveling about 190 miles to Richmond, VA, so there will be no hurry to leave.

We watched several RV’s hook up and pull  out today. This whole row pulled out at the same time.

I had an allergy attack that kept me from doing much today. It seems if it’s windy or high humidity I’m having trouble with my sinuses.  Old age will get you one way or another.

I went to pick up mom early this afternoon so we could spend our last day here with her. She watched the NASCAR race with us.  She loves golf so after the race we watched the Players Championship from Jacksonville Beach, FL.  We drove by that course when we stayed at nearby Mayport Navy Base.

This evening we'll take mom home and say goodbye to her, then we're going to meet one of Jim's ex-coworkers for a late snack. And tomorrow we say goodbye to Raleigh until October and head out to Richmond, VA for the start of our summer journey. Follow along... it should be fun!


Anonymous said...

Hi,Just want to wish y'll a happy and safe journey.God you both Mom W

Nancy and Bill said...

We'll be following your journey:o))

Safe Travels and Happy Trails...