Thursday, May 12, 2011

Meeting Future Fulltimers –Winding Down

(Raleigh, NC) Hi 68 Lo 54 – Very cloudy and cool day, rain late afternoon.  We had a couple, Vi and Kev, visit from Graham, NC to talk with us and see our RV.  They have sold their house and Kev is waiting to retire from the Postal Service.  They are doing their research and are trying to decide whether to buy a motorhome or a fifth wheel.  They are very exited and asked us a lot of questions about full time living in general.  We don’t know a whole lot about motorhomes, but we gave them as much information as we could about our rig and our lifestyle.

IMG_0768 (800x600)

We all went to BoJangles for lunch, then I had to leave them for my mom’s to get a few things done before it got too late.  Kev and Vi took Jim back to the RV where they talked some more.. It was so great to meet them and share our experiences with them.  They seem to be doing everything right as far as researching and preparing.  We look forward to meeting up with them down the road someday.

I helped mom for a couple hours and came back to the RV to meet up with Neta, my ex-coworker I went out to lunch with last week.  She wanted to see the RV so she knows what we’re living in. Thanks Neta for dropping by to see us.

IMG_0770 (762x800)

Jim worked some more with my laptop to update Live Writer and Live Photo Gallery.  Windows 7 seems to be a big improvement over XP, which I previously had.  Windows Live Photo Gallery is so versatile that I don’t think I need to use Picasa anymore.  I also checked Team Viewer to be sure I could log onto mom’s computer while at the RV. It works well, so now I should be able to help her remotely when she has problems.

We’re winding down all the activity here in Raleigh. We still have a few places to go and people to see before we leave on Monday.

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