Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Loading PC – Catching Up

(Raleigh, NC)  Hi 81 Lo 57 – Jim got up before I did, and when I got up he was loading a program to my laptop so I could tether my Droid smart phone to it and use my phone's unlimited internet on my laptop. When he finally got it done I started reloading programs to my freshly reformatted and upgraded laptop. We had Windows 7 installed in place of XP. It’s always a challenge learning new programs on a PC. I also downloaded pictures from my camera. I took over 200 over the weekend and some were not the best because somewhere along the line one of my camera settings (white balance) got changed.  Jim wasn't with me to figure out what the problem was, so many of my pictures have a blue cast to them.

I also did the April budget and I must say, it was almost right on target. We finally got the eating out and the groceries balanced out.  It did help being with Jim’s sister for a week.  She and Jim's mom fed us a LOT that week!

I was going to load a bunch of pictures, but it’s all family or dogs, or fish.  Rather than take up space in the blog I may do a Photobucket gallery.

Jim went to our dentist that we’ve been going to for years. He has a crown that's been giving him a little discomfort. We went to him for 12 years, and it was great seeing him again. We’ll go to him for cleanings when we come back again in Oct. In the meantime, he didn't see anything wrong with his crown, or at least nothing bad enough to do anything about at this time.  Jim will live with it until it gets worse.

We came back to the RV and I did some more computer work. We have a full day planned tomorrow, including taking care of a check engine light on my car.


squawmama said...

It's always a chore getting things back in order on the conputers... Hope your phone works out well for you... I love the unlimited part!!!
Have fun & Travel safe

karl smith said...

great seeing you guys again! i look forward to living vicariously through you! happy travels :)