Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Still at the Dealer - Joy in Meeting People

(Seffner, FL) – We had to be up and out by 8:00 am so it was another early morning for me.  The temperature was 28 this morning, so it was a COLD one!  We went to the Lazy Days Cafe for their free breakfast, which was an egg pizza, (actually not bad), then sat in the waiting room of Lazy Days while we had our warranty work done.
These are a few of the more than 200 service bays at Lazy Days.
IMG_7341 (Small)
The service department waiting area is huge, with several big screen TV’s.  One section even allows pets.
IMG_7344 (Small)
IMG_7345 (Small)
I had planned on getting a lot of blogs read, and working on my laptop just catching up.  That didn’t happen, which was a good thing.  We met a lady sitting with us who is a solo full timer.  She’s getting warranty work done on her motor home before leaving for Texas, and was very interesting to listen to.  We found out her rig is in the bay right beside ours.  She’s been traveling for eight years and had some great stories.
While eating our free lunch (Lazy Days provides free breakfast and lunch for customers) we met another couple that are full time and are from Florida.  They stay in a park very close to here.  It was one full day of chatting with people around us.  We have added to our list of places to go and see, and more parks to check out here in Florida if we decide to stay here next year.

We have been warned when you come to Lazy Days and look at all the new models on their lot you may leave with another RV.  Well, we decided to again check out some of the new units.

We found one we really liked, a $579,000 Monaco Dynasty diesel pusher.  Hmmm, I wonder what they'd allow us in trade for Tumbleweed?
IMG_7349 (Small)
IMG_7351 (Small)

Then we decided to  check out some park models.
IMG_7362 (Small)
IMG_7369 (Small)
IMG_7370 (Small)
Maybe after 10 years or so on the road we'll be ready to settle down in a park model, but not yet!

After looking at many units of all types and sizes we decided we didn't see anything that we like better than what we have.  (Within reason of course... I'm sure we'd be very happy with a half million dollar Monaco.)

The final approval from Carriage finally came in around mid-day, and they finished up most of the work today.  There's still a couple of things they have to do tomorrow, so  we'll spend another night in the service bay.  But we don't mind; it's supposed to get down to the mid-20's tonight so we feel better protected from the cold here inside the bay.  If all goes well, we’ll be leaving tomorrow to head back to Wauchula no later than lunch time. We've had a good experience here at Lazy Days.  They've treated us well, and they're very friendly and customer-oriented.  The only delay has been on the part of our manufacturer, Carriage, Inc.  It's nice to know Tumbleweed will be in tip-top condition when we leave here.
We went to dinner then got back to the RV, turned on the heat and relaxed till bed time.  I have to get up at 8am again, but that's OK.  Tonight is the last hard freeze for the foreseeable future in our little piece of paradise.


Roadrunner Chronicles said...

Glad you got your rig all fixed up. We had a pleasant experience both times we visited Lazy Days although I know there are folks that feel very strongly both ways about the place. Hope it warms up there for you soon!

Molly and Bob said...

Lazy Days is so much fun...like a great big toy store for RVers! If you see Steve Shriver, Jr, give him a hugs from us! Wish we were there to run around with ya!! Hugs and enjoy!

Rick and Elaine NB said...

glad your rig is all up to snuff now....hope it heats up soon...and you 'think' you could be happy in a monaco??? I know I definitely could be happy!!!! hugs hun

Gypsy said...

That must be a huge place to have that many bays, and a large sales lot as well.

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Who knew you could have so much fun while getting service.

Rod Ivers said...

Looks like you folks kind of ducked that bad weather by staying in the service bay. What's wrong with that, nice advance planning! What you didn't plan it that way? It would be my story and I'd stick right to it.

Margie and Roger said...

Sounds like you have had a good experience at Lazy Days. Thankfully the weather is going to get better.