Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cold Start - Games - Meeting New Neighbors

(Wauchula, FL)- It was cold all night, around 40 degrees.  Our heating system switched from heat pump to propane furnace by morning.  However, it warmed up to a nice 65 degrees during the day. It's suppose to be cold again tonight.  (I realize our northern friends don't have much sympathy for us, but 40 degrees is COLD in Florida!)

I'd like to say thanks to our new readers. It's great to know we occasionally pick up new readers, it gives us a reason to keep writing.

I worked on the budget all morning.  It's the first time we're in the black since we've been on the road, and we've been able to better balance our food buying with eating out. I'm very pleased with this month. Now we need to keep it up. Jim made a trip to Sebring to return and exchange some phone accessories that he got yesterday.  He was back in a couple hours, just in time to play shuffleboard.

There's been a lot of talk about the Droid and the other smart phones. There's a game called Angry Birds that we've both started playing.  It's very addictive and the last couple of nights we've been playing it till about 1am.  We've heard it mentioned on TV shows and on the news. The guy at the Verizon store who waited on us yesterday said he's made it through all 195 levels twice!  I love games and this one is really fun.  If you have a smart phone, go to your app market and check it out.  But be warned, you may find yourself neglecting other parts of your life.  :)

We are getting a few more RV's in the park, and this afternoon we met a couple just down from us and joined them and another couple for happy hour.  They have been coming to this park for the last ten years and know everyone that comes and goes. We learned so much from them and what to expect in the park for the winter. They say it's like family here and they watch out for each other. There's a few full time people coming in later this month.  One guy from Canada said he's been all over the Southern and this area is the best he's found. We found two couples that don't own computers, which is surprising in this day and age.  But I guess if you've never had one, you won't miss it like we would.

We had to break up our happy hour because it got very chilly when the sun got below the horizon. It was still a beautiful, but cool day in our part of paradise.


Anonymous said...

We got some new phones too. I'm not big on games but let me know if you find some useful apps. I spent the day trying to get my computers on the Wifi for the Droid 2. I had turned off my Wifi on my Windows 7 pc and I couldn't figure out how to turn it back on. Finally some smartie with Sony said to type smart in the start search box.
It's lousy cold up here in NC and feels like snow today.


Unknown said...

Your campground sounds great. Will you be there for the entire Winter? We are heading your way sometime next week. We have reservations at two of the COE campgrounds outside of Ft. Myers.

Rick and Elaine NB said...

nothing like fun games and happy hour...I can't wait!!!!

GGuncle said...

on the cold subject in Fl. When my dad was alive & living in Ft. Lauderdale, & i'd talk to him on phone in winter time, i'd ask him about weather, he said it was down to 70*, & he was freezing in his shorts. dom...

Anonymous said...

If you get to Osprey, FL, just North of Venice, check out Oscar Scherer State Park. At the Ranger Station ask for Barb and Glenn, stop by to say HI!