Friday, November 19, 2010

Watching All the Preparations

(Wauchula, FL) -  I went to Walmart to get a few things, got back and remembered an item I really needed but didn't get.  I'll get it on the next trip.  That's what I get when I don't put it on the list.

We walked around the park and watched the ongoing wedding preparations.  They've put up temporary walls and lattice work around the recreation center so the trailers won't show in the wedding photos.  This is our view from the front of our RV.  (Click on photos to enlarge.)
IMG_7125 (Small) This is from outside one of the temporary walls.
IMG_7121 (Small)
The ceremony will be inside these walls.

IMG_7122 (Small) Inside the ceremony area, where the chairs are all set up.IMG_7123 (Small)
The whole area from the front. IMG_7124 (Small)The wedding of the owners' daughter is tomorrow at 4:30. They’ve done a lot of work and the whole area around the rec center is beautiful.

Jim did the laundry during our shuffleboard games.  We met a new player from Canada.  He's 87, but he seems much younger.  He is an amazing player.  We’re beginning to think we’re too young to play, we haven’t won a game yet (as a team).

Another day of wonderful weather in paradise. 


Merikay said...

It's wonderful o hear about an 87 year old who is still young at heart and healthy enough to travel. It give me hope. We have to finish the house by then!

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

I think I would rather have the beach for a back drop, than those impersonal walls.

You two will to be the new shuffleboard champions before you know it. It is good exercise, and better for you than hanging around a computer.
Happy Trails, Penny, TX

Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Practice, practice, practice! It's not like you don't have the time... ;c)

Barb said...

Fun to watch the wedding preparations and not have to be involved. Hope they have good weather!