Thursday, November 18, 2010

Trying to Find Something

(Wauchula, FL) -  Foggy this morning. It was thick but the temperature was really nice, up to 84 degrees and windy so the fog didn't last long.

Jim went to the library, so that means I cleaned the RV. I also stacked and put away stuff for our move on Tuesday. It's early but at least it's all done, unless we rearrange stuff again. I still need to take some items out that we haven't used, but I promised myself I'd do that in one year which gives me four more months to use anything we haven't touched.

One thing that's changed for us since we've arrived in Florida is, we're out in the sun everyday.  I bet our vitamin D has increased a lot.  We both have to get used to putting on sunscreen when we walk.  We're getting darker, but we don't want skin cancer.

Why is it harder to find something in a 350 sq ft home than a 2,000 sq ft home?  Today I tried to find a couple color markers. I KNOW I have them, but I couldn't find them. I also needed an ice pick, which I KNOW is here, but I have no idea where.  I hate not finding something, but that's happened a few times since we've been full time.

We played shuffleboard and watched more wedding preparations  They're putting together more tables, planting flowers and trees, and hanging decorations.  I can't wait to see it when it's all done, which should be tomorrow.  I'll take pictures.

Jim called Lazy Days today and made an appointment with their service department for next month.  Our refrigerator is on the recall list, so we'll have them repair it, and take care of some other minor things with the rig.  All under warranty.  We're approaching halfway through the two-year warranty.

Another lazy day in paradise.


Merikay said...

As I have been cleaning for the Thanksgiving Holidays I have been rounding up all the things that are in places they don't belong!

Seems horizontal surfaces attract stuff.

Rod Ivers said...

Maybe I should already know this but does Lazy Daze send someone out, or do you have to pull up stakes and report in?

Gail Houle said...

Have you looked in the middle of the basement, underneath everything else? I swear that's where everything is that I'm looking for! :)

Gin and Syl said...

We call it "the black hole" in the RV. My watch was lost for several weeks and then magically reappeared. I don't know where it had been.


GGuncle said...

If & when you find the ice pick, you should put it in your utensil or silverware drawer. or where you keep manual can openers etc. thats where mine is along with my clam knives, jar openers etc.,etc. almost like a junk drawer. dom...

Kathy said...

If you don't find your markers and ice pick, maybe Santa could drop one in your stocking~ Soak up some of that Florida sunshine for me! K