Monday, October 18, 2010

North Carolina Coast

(Newport, NC) -  We took our time this morning getting ready for our departure.  We left at 11am for the three-hour trip to Newport, NC.  We're at Waters Edge RV Park, the same place we stayed last March.  It was the first park we stayed at after our 3-month stay in the Raleigh area when we first bought Tumbleweed.  It’s listed in the PARKS listing to the right of the blog if you want to read our review.  After a tight parking job that required some maneuvering, we got set up and then went to Jim's mom's place.  She lives's only eight miles away in Morehead City, so we'll have short trips back and forth this week. (Something you may not know: Morehead City hosts the annual Bald Men's Convention.  "More head," get it?)  Jim's mom is a wonderful southern cook, and she made us a delicious dinner of shrimp and grits.  It sure was good!
2010-10-18_17-39-23_265 (Small)
I’ll post some pictures of our park tomorrow.  The owners have really cleaned up the park since we were here last March.  At that time it was during a rainy spell and it was very muddy.  We're right on Bogue Sound so we're looking forward to some nice walks to the pier.

Follow along with Jim’s family and the fun we’ll have in the area. We’re around lots of water.  This park doesn't have the "it" factor but it's nice being close to family at a fair price.


Gypsy said...

I'd rather have shrimp and grits than the traditional Thanksgiving turkey dinner! I guess it's about time for me to cook my own.

KarenInTheWoods said...

Ohh never tried shrimp and grits...

Might have to put it on my Bucket List?

Karen and Steve
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