Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Around the Park/Precious Time With Jim's Family

(Newport, NC) – We loved not having the heat pump on last night. The temperature didn’t get below 50. We’re following the sun, that’s for sure.  We did a morning walk down to the water (Bogue Sound) and it was sunny with a cool breeze.  Gorgeous day.

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DSC_2431 (Small)
Looking to the right, toward the water just beyond the trees.
 DSC_2432 (Small)
To the left, toward the park entrance.
DSC_2433 (Small)
Bogue Sound, from the pier and looking down the shoreline.
DSC_2437 (Small)
Looking across the sound.  The land you see is a long narrow island (one of the outer banks) that separates Bogue Sound from the Atlantic Ocean.
DSC_2438 (Small)
An egret checking us out.  We’re sitting on a picnic table on the end of the pier
DSC_2441 (Small)
The view from the end of the pier.
DSC_2440 (Small)

They’ve improved the bath house since our last visit.  It's looking nice.
DSC_2443 (Small)
The road behind our home.
DSC_2445 (Small)
We spent the afternoon with Jim’s mom visiting family.  We dropped in on Jim’s uncle Willie. He looks great and has a great sense of humor. Also there was his son Willie Jr. (Jim's cousin) and great grandson Hayden.

2010-10-19_14-12-55_736 (Small)
Willie Jr. and his grandson (Willie's great grandson), Hayden.
2010-10-19_14-11-46_497 (Small)

We then had a nice visit with Jim's sisters.

 Mom Alberta, Robin, Jim, and Sharon.
IMG_6718 (Small)

We returned back to our home for the evening.  It was a wonderful day spending time with family.  When you live on the road traveling all the time, these times with family are very special.


Paul and Marti Dahl said...

Nice to see you're able to visit Jim's kinfolks. Looks like you had a great time!

Unknown said...

Within the year, I plan to get back to North Carolina to visit my family!

Anonymous said...

well you guys are getting closer to FL....how close to Sarasota are you when your there?