Sunday, October 17, 2010

Last Day in Cary Til Spring

(Garner, NC) -  I forgot to mention something in yesterday's blog about my Droid.  We set it up to navigate during our trip to Moncure and it did very well.  It even "talks" to us with directions, just like our Garmin Nuvi.  Another reason I love my Droid!

We had a quiet morning reading blogs and watching some recorded TV shows, but by early afternoon it was time to start getting our home ready for travel. I had to repack a couple closets and the refrigerator was loaded, so I took some things out and laid down the bottles so they would be secure.  Jim set up the Pressure Pro tire monitoring system and "tweaked" the pressures in a couple of tires on the truck.  We're now ready for the short three hour trip to the coast.

We took Mom to her favorite eating place (Golden Corral), then said our goodbyes.  We hate to leave her for six months, but she's happy for us and our way of life.

A lot of folks tell me that I look like my Mom.  What do you think?
IMG_6714 (Small)

When we got back home I took a few more pictures of our area.  There’s three huge TV towers across the highway from us.
Needless to say, our over-the-air TV reception is excellent.

The road out from our site.
IMG_6706 (Small)
And the view of our home by turning around from the above picture.
IMG_6707 (Small)
We’ve had a wonderful time.  Now we move east to visit Jim’s family. This year has been all about family. They have all been very supportive. We never had a negative remark from any member of our family.  Thanks everyone for your support, it makes our travels that much more enjoyable!


owensontheroad said...

You certainly do look like your Mom!

Vera said...

You certainly look like your Mom, that's the first thought that came to my mind!

Gypsy said...

Yes, you are definitely the image of your Mom.

Gin and Syl said...

I took a glance at the photo and thought how much you look like your mom even before I saw your comment. As always, safe travels.


Gail Houle said...

You look like twins! :)