Thursday, October 14, 2010

Done with Appointments

(Garner, NC) - Rain, it finally rained, not for long but it was nice to see it.  It's very dry here. We had to leave by 10:30 this morning for the last of our doctor appointments.  The blood work was done on Monday so we were both anxious to know the results.

It went well.  The doctor was pleased with our overall health.  He wants us to exercise more (naturally), which we plan to do anyway.  We both lost weight, but if we weren't hogs and ate so much Amish food in Indiana we probably would have lost more.  We're both very pleased with ourselves on the good report.  Retired life must really suit us.  :)

We met up with ham radio friends Hank and Selene for lunch and caught up with all their travels in their RV.  The guys discussed problems with blown tires, leaks, and whatever else guys discuss about RV's.  Selene and I talked about more domestic stuff.  I forgot to take a picture of them.  Thanks you two for coming out for the visit.

We got home before dark so I decided to get Jim to help with moving some of the furniture so I could do some major cleaning.  I still need to be sure all the stuff we don't need anymore is out of the closets and the basement.  I think we'll be all ready to pull out on Monday.

It was a great day, and it even quit raining later in the day.

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