Sunday, September 5, 2010

Staying Around the Park

(Goshen, IN) – It got COLD last night.  In fact I got out the big blanket that we used this winter.  It was too cold to get up, so I stayed in bed awhile.  Jim said it was 49 degrees when he got up.  It eventually got up to around 75 with the breeze we’ve had the last couple days.

Our neighbors Joe and Marcia moved on this morning, so after hugs all around we watched them pull out. I know we’re not supposed to say goodbye, rather "see you later." But it’s like a goodbye when you see them leave. They're on their way to Virginia to see family. They're retired military like us, and are very nice, so I hope we see them again down the road.

We are seeing more and more people coming in that will be working the Escapade.  Dennis is here from the RVSchool.  That's the driving school we took in April when we were in Florida. If anyone is interested in learning to drive their RV, this is a fantastic way to do it.  We learned a lot and are very glad we took it.

We took advantage of the beautiful weather and went for a walk.  On the way we met up with Paul and Connie.  They're part of the Class of 2007 that we've been joining periodically for happy hour up at Elkhart.  Paul is on the parking team for the Escapade so they moved down here from Elkhart a few days early.  We stopped to chat with them for awhile.

Paul and Connie
Paul and Connie Elkhart 8-2010

Jim grilled a steak (for him) and chicken breast (for me).  He also grilled some corn on the cob for the first time, and it was great!  I hope this weather stays around awhile, especially for the rally.  It’s perfect!

The rest of the evening we watched a rare Sunday night NASCAR race from Atlanta.  Another great day of doing not much of anything.


Margie M. said...

Seems like fall may be arriving in your area. Same thing for here in Western Washington where the nights get cold and the daytime temps are warm. Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay there and the Escapade.

Barb said...

Nice quiet day, me too!

KarenInTheWoods said...

Yup, the weather sure changed around the Great Lakes this past week. From sweltering 90s and humid to cold crisp nights and sunny days in the 70's. We are NOT complaining!

Karen and Steve
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