Sunday, September 26, 2010

Planning Next Moves and Florida Travels

(York, PA) -  It looked like rain all day, but just stayed cloudy. The temperature was a very nice 73. 
I took some pictures of the area.  There’s not much to it. 
IMG_6560 (Small)
The office is the building to the right.  Left is storage.
IMG_6562 (Small)
Looking to the right of our rig
IMG_6563 (Small)
Not sure what this is, maybe Halloween stuff to put up.
IMG_6564 (Small)
The first building you see when you drive in. I think that’s the owner's RV sitting in front of the building.
IMG_6565 (Small)
Just another view
IMG_6566 (Small)
Looking at our row of rigs.
IMG_6567 (Small)
The park certainly isn't much and doesn't have the "it" factor.  But for our visit of a few days we don't need much.  I spent today going through some old paper records.  I went through all the paperwork I had from 2008 about parks in Florida and around the east coast. I threw out a lot of stuff we no longer need and made a list of the places we want to visit in Florida while we’re there this winter.  It took all afternoon, but at the same time we watched the NASCAR race.

It wasn't a very interesting day, but I like the downtime to get things cleaned up. We have some more interesting plans for tomorrow, so stay tuned.


Gypsy said...

You need some days of doing nothing periodically. Life can't be exciting 24/7b no matter where you live.

KarenInTheWoods said...

Yup, what Gypsy said... Just like when you have a "do nothing" day in a sticks and bricks home, you need to have that in your RV home now too.


Karen and Steve
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