Monday, August 9, 2010

New Location - Indiana Dunes State Park

(Chesterton, IN) -  According to the radar, when we got up this morning it should have been raining, and it sure looked like it would.  Jim started on the tire checks for both the RV and truck.  He climbed up on the roof to check for debris.  Since we were under trees we didn't want any critters or little limbs coming into the RV when we retract the slides.  We never did get the rain, but the humidity was so high we were both wet just being outside for a few minutes.  Since we won't have water hookups at the next park Jim put in 2/3 tank of fresh water.  Rather than fill it all the way, to save a little traveling weight we planned to finish filling it when we get to our destination.  We were ready to roll.  We were in a pretty tight space, and Jim had back around a couple of trees, a sign, and the fire ring, and he made it out with no problem.

Note:  In case anyone wants to know, we paid 12 cents per kwh for our metered electricity, and it came out to $117 for exactly one month.  We had the air conditioner on almost 24/7.

It was only a one hour hour trip to Indiana Dunes State Park.  All interstate and no rain.  After stopping at the water fill station to top off our fresh water tank, we backed into our site (#69).  We got set up in about 35 minutes.  There's a cement pad for the RV and a large blacktop area big enough for two cars.  The bath house is right across from us, so we're in a great location.  The park is full.  We have 50amp service, but no water or sewer.  We have a good cell phone signal, so we have good internet on our Verizon MiFi.  Jim got the satellite dish set up, but he's currently only getting 2 or the 3 satellites.  He'll work on that some more tomorrow.  So we have TV and internet, which isn't as important for all the vacationers around us as it is for us full timers.  I got some quick pictures of our surroundings:

Our site #69:
Looking down the street:
The bathhouse is straight ahead, one row over and past the tents:
Behind us is the road just outside the campground where the visitors parking lot is:
There are many tents in the campground.  These are on the left side of us:
We're not sure why we're so tired, maybe it's the humidity, but we're kicking back and just relaxing. We're looking forward to exploring the area.  There's a walking trail from the campground to the Lake Michigan beach, so we'll definitely be checking that out soon.  Please follow along with us for the next two weeks.


Unknown said...

Wow, if you have had to use your AC 24/7 for a month, it is hot! No wonder you're tired! I hope you have a very great stay at your new place.

Gypsy said...

$.12 per kwh sounds pretty reasonable to me - I've paid as much as $.19.

I hope you get some relief from the heat and humidity soon. It's difficult to want to be outdoors and doing and seeing things if it's so uncomfortably hot.

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

We spent some time there in June, and the weather was less than perfect at that time.

The dunes are very nice and there are some houses from the 1933 worlds fair along the shore line in the park that are being restored and worth a drive by.