Tuesday, August 10, 2010

First Night and Day in the Dunes

(Chesterton, IN) -  Our first night was very quiet.  There’s lots of families, tents and people but we didn’t hear any of them.  Those double-pane windows sure do keep things quiet!  We’ve been out a couple times and people are very friendly.  The temperature today was about 89 but the heat index made it 97.  It was very sticky.  We walked around the park and took some pictures.  We didn’t go to the dunes today, we figured the sand would be too hot and it was just miserable walking under the trees in the campground.  There was a small breeze but it didn’t help any.

Here’s a few pictures of our campground:


Several have 2 or 3 tents plus a popup
IMG_5512 (Small)
IMG_5513 (Small)
IMG_5515 (Small)
There’s several picnic areas for larger groups
IMG_5514 (Small)
This is our set up
DSC_2086 (Small)
Out our back window. This is a small parking lot on the road just outside the campground
  IMG_5517 (Small)

Out our "front porch"
IMG_5520 (Small)
and the other side (the "back yard")
IMG_5519 (Small)
I’ll have more pictures tomorrow if it doesn’t rain. Storms are in the forecast but they’ve been saying that for several days and we’ve had no rain.

We did a whole lot of nothing today.  Maybe we'll get more adventurous tomorrow.  We both really like it here.


owensontheroad said...

Looks like a great place! The heat is ghastly here too.


A couple of newer paintings 2019 said...

Looks like a lovely campground!