Sunday, August 8, 2010

Our Last Day at Fair Oaks

(Fair Oaks, IN) - It's with sadness in some ways that we're moving on tomorrow to our next adventure. The kids will still be within a close distance, so we'll see them for two more weeks.  We liked it here.  It's quite a few miles  from any real shopping, but that's ok.  We had full hookups, which we'll miss the next couple of weeks.  The owners are very good and friendly. They were nice enough to hand deliver our mail.

Speaking of the owners, they've had their hands full this weekend.  Someone put something in the bath house toilet and it plugged up all the plumbing for the bathrooms, showers and laundry.  They worked all day on it.  It was cleared late today, what a mess.  There's nothing we can complain about.  It's a well run park and when we come back to this area next year, we'll likely stay here again.

I read several blogs today, chatted with  a few people on Yahoo messenger and watched the NASCAR race.  I also sorted out hundred or so pictures from yesterday. We have some really good pictures this time. 

We aren't leaving till at least noon or later tomorrow.  Indiana Dunes State Park is our next stop and it's only an hour away.  Check in time is 2:00 there, so we'll be in no big hurry tomorrow.

We know it's time to leave because we know where everything is at the local Walmart, there's a spider web between the tires of the rig, and there's a nice rut in the ground where the wheels are sitting. We know the road to and from Rick's so well that we don't have to watch for the road signs any more.  Time to move on!

The blog will be from a new location tomorrow night. Thanks so much to everyone who's been following along with us on our adventures.  It's going to get real interesting as time goes on, I guarantee it.

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Kathy said...

Are you singing, "On the Road Again?" Happy Travels! K