Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Catching Up on Photos -- Movie -- Culver's Again

(Fair Oaks, IN) -  I finally got a good nights sleep, all it took was to put more air in the bed.  We did have a storm go through but wasn't enough to keep us awake.

We both caught up on blogs and I worked on labeling the tons of pictures I've taken the past few days. I sorted them and backed them all up to the external drive, so that's all done.  Jim went for a long walk and I took a short one this morning.

We haven't been to the movies in quite awhile and there are a few out that we want to see, so today we went to see Toy Story 3. It's really cute and we both shed some tears at the end.  We graded it "three hankies."  :)  Hard to believe a computer-generated animated movie can be that emotional.  They sure make it realistic.

There were a few items we needed so we stopped at Walmart, then went for ice cream at Culver's.  (Yes, Culver's again!)

I got online to find some geocaches around the area and will load them in the GPS, so when we're out we can look for them.

We didn't do much today, but that's what being retired is all about.


Speedy said...

I would have never thought that Toy Story would be a tear jerker?

KarenInTheWoods said...

Sounds like a good day! including the ice cream.

Our daughter is a toy story fan and said it was really really good too.

Karen and Steve
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