Monday, July 12, 2010

Dentist - - What's in Town

(Fair Oaks, IN) -  I had to get up early, which meant another night without much sleep.  I also noticed I'm hurting more in the morning than I use to, so I thought I'd check to see if the setting of our Sleep Number bed was off. We keep the electric cord and controllers under the bed to keep from damaging the wires (there's no holes to route them through).  When we want to check it or adjust the numbers we have to raise the bed and temporarily take the cords out, make the adjustment, and then put them back.  I checked and my side was on 20 instead of my usual 40.  I gave it some air, so maybe now I can sleep better at night.

We took off for Merrillville, about 25 miles away, for a dentist appointment.  My appointment was for 10:00 and we arrived 15 minutes early.  Thanks to our GPS we went right to it. I filled out all the paperwork and waited.  I was taken back to the "room" at 10:15 and waited for the doctor until 11:15.  I HATE waiting.  I know I'm retired, but I still can't stand waiting.  When the doctor finally came in he couldn't figure out why I was in the room for dental care when I wasn't hurting and all I wanted was a cleaning.  He did check my teeth and told the assistant to schedule me for a cleaning.  I had told the receptionist all I needed was a cleaning and she was suppose to schedule me right away.  I told them I couldn't come back again (2 month wait) so she worked me in over her lunch hour.

I had a little over an hour to kill so we went to Culver's for lunch.  That's been a favorite spot to eat since we've come to the midwest.  We also went to Lowe's for a couple items, then  back to the office a few minutes early for my cleaning.  No problems, the cleaning went well, and I left with new toothpaste and brush in hand.

We headed home, but wanted to check out Roselawn, the nearby small town. There isn't much to the town, but we had heard that it's sort of famous for having two nudist parks.  We weren't actually looking for them, but we did come upon the entrance to both of them.

Trust me when I say that's as far as we went.   :)

When we got back home we did our daily walk around the park.  It's really a nice area.  They keep it clean.  About a third of the park is for seasonal residents.

Here are some of the seasonal homes.  This is one of the several park models.
A nice fence around the firepit
I liked this place with the plants around it.
This is one of the personalized sites.

It was a great walk but lots of bugs. I forgot my repellent. We decided to sit outside for a while. Jim dozed off and I went inside to work with the new weather alert radio we just got.  I now have it programmed for this county so we'll be aware of any severe weather that comes our way.

Today was interesting.  We'll see what's in store for tomorrow when it gets here.


Gypsy said...

Did you take your binoculars with you to Roselawn?

Speedy said...

Better "Whats in Town"...than
"Our Trip to the Nudist Park"...HA

JB said...

Sure we believe you Dee, although I am wondering why no pictures of you and Jim today, or weren't you dressed for

KarenInTheWoods said...

That is why I take along knitting-- doctors and dentists alike. I even knit in between the shot and waiting for it to numb up for dental work!

And I make sure that I have along some finished socks for sale and business cards in my knitting bag too.

Karen and Steve
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