Friday, June 11, 2010

Windy and Rainy Same as When We Left Last Month - (Scott AFB, IL)

We waited all week for the flowers to bloom before we left my sisters.  She sent the picture today that they opened the day we leave, go figure.

Moving to a new location must take more out of us than we realize. Both of us must have been exhausted, we didn't get up till 9am.  Jim is usually up a couple hours before me.  It was windy all morning, then the rain started.  It's just like it was when we left three weeks ago, wind and rain.

I decided to clean our home. It's been awhile since a good sweeping and dusting. I can't believe the dirt that gets in the tracks of the windows.  It only takes 25 minutes to dust and sweep the whole area.  I like that.

We both did computer work, read blogs, researched some parks and just sat around.  The main thing on TV was the flash flood in Arkansas at the Albert Pike Campground.  We'll have to consider that in the spring in heavy rain areas.  We wouldn't have been in that remote of an area, but it's still in our minds. We both feel so bad for those folks that didn't make it out.

We went over to our son's house for a pizza dinner with the grandkids.  We also went for some ice cream later in the evening.  We talked about what we'll be doing in the next few weeks and what the kids want to do with us. I think we'll be busy.  We'll pick a day and just go for what we feel like doing at the last minute.


A couple of newer paintings 2019 said...

Use a paintbrush to clean the window tracks. They're a pain to do!

Merikay said...

The campers who were washed away have been in my mind ever since I heard about it. How horrible. I will always think twice about riverside camping.