Wednesday, May 5, 2010

PICTURE RECOVERY! --Payoff, Can't be Done -- (O'Fallon, IL)

Yesterday I reported that I deleted the photos from the camera before getting them to the PC.  I was chatting with Patricia last night and her hubby said there's an online recovery program to recover them.  I did a search on Google and found PC Inspector,  which is free.  I downloaded the program, ran it, and all my photos came back.  Thank you Patricia!

Here's Jim and Steve from yesterday's visit.

Today was exciting.  We had a CD mature and were able to cash it in.  We had the money transferred to our checking account so we could pay off the RV.  Well, not so fast!  You'd think now days it would be very easy to transfer money from one bank to another.  NOT!  You have to wait five days, which means more accumulated interest.  There's no way to pay same day unless we go to a branch of the bank that financed our loan.  Well, there are no BB&T branches here in Illinois (or Missouri).  I made the payment today, so we'll just have to wait to see how much extra interest we'll have to pay when they send us the final bill. It just doesn't make sense in today's computer age that money can't be transferred on the same day.

We didn't have a lot planned today. Jim had an Ebay item that sold, so had to get that in the mail.  Then we went for groceries at Walmart.  We went to the base commissary last week and believe it or not, the prices there are higher than Walmart, so we took the cheapest route.

The temperatures have been in the 80's and humid.  We're just hanging out for the next couple days.  Our son is off work on Friday, so we'll figure out something with the grandkids and family for the weekend. We may go to the local dirt track stock car races on Friday night.  We still have a couple more friends to look up so that's something to look forward too.

Some of our time is sitting on the road waiting for repaving of the road to the Famcamp. There's only one road in and one out.  We have nothing else pressing so it's ok.


Rod Ivers said...

This is the reality of modern day banking. They all want to wait the five days to see if the transaction will be charged back to their account as bad. Should the transfer fail, and they have re transferred it on, they could be stuck holding the bag. They assume you don't have any assets to make them whole, regardless of your personal net worth. I usually discontinue banking with the people at about that point! I guess all you can do is grin and bear it. said...

It just doesn't make sense in today's computer age that money can't be transferred on the same day.

This is one of my pet peeves. I thought it was only Canadian banks that ripped people off like this, but apparently your banks do the same thing. Can't figure why there hasn't been an uprising about this sort of thing yet!

Speedy said...

With Banks failing as they do they like make sure the bank is still in business before they close the loan...Our President will make this all right soon enough.

Happytrails said...

Glad you were able to recover your photos. I will have to remember that link so if that ever happens to me I can recover my photos. Good deal.

I am also glad to see you were able to get on line with your aircard. Glad you were able to get that worked out. I hate not having internet as I know you do too.

Take care,
Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

JB said...

Now Dee, look at it from the bank's perspective, "that is five days more interest" and they are in business to make them money not!