Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Jim's Visiting with Friend - (O'Fallon, IL)

We got up early to go to Ballwin, MO to see Jim's friend that he worked with in the Air Force.   It's over an hour so we waited till the St. Louis traffic died down to get through town.

We spent the day with Steve and had a great lunch.  Thanks Steve.  When I got home I went to download  a couple pictures and ended up deleting them from the card, so I don't have pictures today.  Bummer.  I tried to find them in recycle bin,  but it never had gone to the PC yet and the redo key didn't bring them back.  Oh well, I'm sorry Steve, we'll meet up again and get another picture.

We got home, made something to eat and just relaxed.  Not a really busy day and a very special day with a friend from the past.

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