Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Our Home's First Bath --- Where We're Parked (Troy, MO)

What a great night... a storm passed by, but it didn't rain, just thundered and lightning awhile then
moved on it's way.

It was a perfect cloudy day to get our home washed.  We've given Tumbleweed an occasional "spot bath," but the rainy weather has kept us from giving it a full wash.  And since we were in so many trees for so long, it was time to get it done. Jim did the roof and along the top. I did the bottom. I hate getting on ladders.  We're both finding that we're not as stable as we used to be climbing ladders. I'm also more afraid of heights than him.

This view is from my sisters yard.
The view to the left of our home.

There's neighbors to the right of us.

The view of our host and hostess' (Jim and Judy) house.  The house to the left in the distance is my sister's. (Click to make picture bigger). Notice the yard, our hosts have nine acres and it's huge to mow.

It took several hours to complete the job, so it was well after lunch time before we were done.  After we had a bite to eat, we went to the post office to find out what we could do about my sister getting so much of our junk mail.

For those that are full time:  Companies sell names and addresses, it's a common practice.  It's been three months since we changed our address.  We did it in two steps.  First, we submitted a change of address form to the post office to forward our mail to my sister.  Then we contacted all the friends, family, and organizations that we wanted mail from and gave them our Florida mail service address.  This includes our cell phone company, satellite TV, insurance, medical companies, RV organizations, etc.  So the mail we WANT is going to our mail service (we haven't received one piece of junk mail in our mail service box yet), and everything else (which consists of all junk mail) is going to my sister.  We're even getting offers to join RV organizations that we already belong to!  Today we asked the lady at the post office what we can do and the only answer she gave us was to submit another change of address form.  However, we asked her a hypothetical question... What would happen to our mail if we submitted a change of address form to an address that doesn't exist?  She said in that case it would be returned to sender or, in the case of junk mail, destroyed.  Hmmm.  Are you thinking what I'm thinking?  Do the rest of you that are full time get junk mail at your mail service?  We're trying to come up with a solution. I don't want sis getting a mailbox full of stuff every month.  And yes, we're on the "do not send junk mail" list.

It got to 90 degrees today, but windy and cooler by sundown.  It's really neat not being under trees.  The unit is a very nice 75 degrees and we're loving it here. We're glad we got the extra insulation.

Doris is a dog trainer and today she was gone the whole day.  We went over to her place to watch a show that I had recorded on her TV the other night when we stayed there.  It's our first time we've gone to their place with no one home, and we were concerned with how her four big dogs would "greet" us.  They did just fine.  She's trained them well, but I sure wouldn't go there if those dogs don't know you.


Jesse, Ginger, Bayer, Buddy, and Mr. B said...

Here are some links that might help with the junk mail:
I could not make them clickable so you will have to copy and past.
Good luck,Jesse

Happytrails said...

We have the Escapees mail service and although we haven't REALLY used it yet (we still have the P.O.Box in LaGrange) I was under the impression that we check what type of mail we want forwarded through them and everything else is destroyed. Again, we haven't really experienced it much yet so time will tell.
Good luck on getting your "junk" mail stopped. It gets ridiculous! I also hate the "junk" we get on e-mails too. I'd like that stopped.

Take care you two and have fun!!

Mike & Gerri

Phyllis said...

Now I found your blog too!

IN 1980 I helped open a plant in Montgomery City, MO. My husband at the time also worked for the same company. We found a restaurant over in Troy that we really liked. Can't remember the name. Of course that was 30 years ago!

Hope to meet you too. In fact we were supposed to be meeting friends from MO and camping in the area this week but all changed with the damage to the rig.

KarenInTheWoods said...

ohhh now you are gonna come and wash ours for us?????

Karen and Steve
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