Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Why isn't the Pump Working? --- Afternoon with Mom and Friends

Check out the Youtube video from the 2010 RV-Dreams Rally

Thank you to everyone who leaves comments on the blog. I really do appreciate it.  The bird that lives in the grass beside us is a killdeer.  Thanks  for the info. I was told some time back when I was doing blogs that pictures of people in groups was better then one on one or couples to post on the internet. If  I'm wrong that would be fabulous because I'd love to put the couples pictures on the blog that were at the rally.  I'm making a collage of everyone for my desktop picture and it would be awesome if I could include it in the blog. If you have any thoughts, please comment or send an email.  I'm not sure what the "rules" are anymore, they keep changing.

We were awakened by the NC State Fairgrounds Security at 7:40am to tell us the electricity would be turned off for a few hours.  Jim hit the coffee maker and by that time we were both awake, so we got on the computers had our coffee just as the power went off.  They're doing some digging and construction on the grounds so we figured it would be out a while.

I noticed the water pump wasn't working, which meant our 12-volt DC system was out.  Jim checked the battery disconnect and hit the DC reset button, but still nothing.  He then called our good friend and fellow Carriage owner Joe (Speedy) for some advice.  Joe suggested we check our battery, which Jim did... it was fully charged.  Then Jim called the 24/7 Tech number we were given by our dealer, and they couldn't help either.  (The service was free, and we got what we paid for.)  :)  We always connect to shore power first when setting up, and disconnect last when departing, so our slides and levelers don't have to run off the battery.  So we don't know how long we've had the problem. We're not really concerned because we're going to the dealer on Thursday, so they'll figure it out. 

We decided to leave for the day as planned.  We picked up mom for some grocery shopping and then I worked on her computer while Jim went to the DMV to turn in our NC tags.  We still have to get the county taxes taken care of but that's done by a letter and the form the DMV gave Jim.

Here's mom and Jim.

I've noticed that flowers and trees are all in bloom.  I took some pictures today of a few of them.

We went with some friends to see their new trailer, a 29-foot Laredo.  I can't wait to go camping with them next fall when we come back through this area. We went out to dinner with them then took mom home and we came home.  The fairgrounds has a really neat building, Dorton Arena, and it's lit with red lights all around it.  Here's  a partial view of it.


Speedy said...

Remember if you battery is dead you can not access the slides. A dead battery would be like a direct break in the line voltage. It has to be something in the main box that is cutting the power to the rig....if you battery is OK. Please let me know what you find out.

KarenInTheWoods said...

Your flower and blossom photos are just amazing!

hope the dealer gets all your stuff done tomorrow!

Karen and Steve
(Our Blog) RVing:Small House... BIG Backyard

Anonymous said...

It's your blog, Dee...put the pictures on it the way you want...

Karen and Al said...

Loved the You Tube Video! Everyone sure seemed to be having a great time!

As far as posting pictures, I think you can do whatever you want and what works in your post. The only thing is you probably should get permission to post pictures of people....just in case they're wanted by the law :)