Monday, April 12, 2010

Back in NC

It was very foggy this morning but it cleared quickly.  We were on our way by 10:10am.  This is the very first time I wasn't feeling nervous and had an upset tummy.  I'm getting there with being able to hitch up and get going.  We both loved Willow Tree,  but both of us were  ready to move on to NC to see mom and friends.

We got to the NC State Fairgrounds, Raleigh, NC at around 2pm.  The travel was very light on SC Highway 9 out of SC, but I-95 was busy as usual.

Our site has full hookups with 50 amp service, same as when we were here in December.  Certainly no 'it' factor, but it's fine for the short time we'll be here.  Jim backed right in with no trouble at all.  We picked a wide space, and we have someone right behind us. Here's our new view.
To the left

The back view

We sure don't have the view we've had the past couple weeks, but that's ok.  We have full hookups, lots of action with workers around us and people parked along down the road.
Our site
When we setup I noticed a cute bird that I've never seen before just sitting on the ground.  It ruffled and chatted at me when I got close but I thought it was hurt.  I got bird seed, the store is only yards from where we're sitting, and put some down.  It wasn't happy at all and flew over the fence.  I noticed "SHE" was sitting on four eggs. In the middle of nowhere and in the path of incoming rigs.  I hope they make it.  Click on picture to make it larger.  When she's got her feathers out, there's white ring around her neck and orange and white belly area. She's really pretty.

I know people like to see pictures, that's the way I am too. Since there's nothing else to report today, thought I'd just put up our new location. We'll be here till Thursday morning then on to the dealer for some repairs.

We're both going to catch up on blogs, and I'm hoping to post a YouTube video of the shirt braiding.  We have a wonderful internet connection here so it won't be hard to get computer uploads done. 


Karen and Al said...

Cute little bird. Can you put up some kind of red flag or something that may alert others to her nest? It would be shame for someone to run over the babies.

Tumbleweed Dee said...

I've been trying to figure that out. A sign bird nesting would do the trick.

Unknown said...

Hey Dee, I suppose you didn't save the 'open house' flags and could use them to save the little nest?
You had a better view back at Willow Tree and better park-mates ;-) but I understand wanting to get back to Mom.
We miss you guys already and will be sure to figure out something to get together while you are in STL area.
Love, Ken and Cindy

Avery's Wanderings said...

Welcome back home Dee & Jim. Hope to see you down the road.

Margie M. said...

Nice photos of your new park for a few days. You arrived safely and that is what counts. Have fun in the area.

Cute bird pic!

heyduke50 said...

looks like you have a killdeer there Dee...

Anonymous said...

The momma bird is a "kildeer". She will also do a "broken wing" act to lure you away from the nest. They love to nest in rocky places...thus roads and ditches. The little ones, when first hatched, are fuzz balls, sorta like gumballs (off of gum trees) on legs.

Speedy said...

Sherri and I are glad to see that you both had a good time. We sure wish we could have joined you there. Next year will be our time and we hope that you will be there. Great photos and I did not know you had to have permission to show them on your journal??? Boy am I in trouble. I put everything on mine!!!

KarenInTheWoods said...

Awww so nice of you to watch out for the momma bird!
And even though it is not an *it* factor campground, at least you can rest and regroup after that busy weekend you had and get ready for the next adventure!

Karen and Steve

Happytrails said...

Glad you arrived safely and had a great time at the rally.
Have fun visiting mom and friends.

Mike &Gerri (