Monday, April 26, 2010

Checking Out the Base - O'Fallon, IL

We're on the base and I heard the Reveille at 6am.  I thought 8:00 was bad, now I hear the 6am song, but luckily it's a long way away and I went right back to sleep.  It's still cloudy but no rain.  The sun did come out for a couple hours. The winds are chilly with the temperature at 60.

We had good practice through the winter on our tank usage and learning how long we can go without dumping.  We're getting a real test now since we don't have the dump at the site.  We'll have to pack up and move across the park to dump then come back. When we come back it's not going to be at the site we have now.  Jim checked the area today and found the water and electric is on the other side of the rig, and it's quite a distance. The water hose should reach, but the electric won't.  We'll be getting an extension from the base recreation office. 
At least when we move we'll be right across from the bathhouse. 
Other pictures of what's around us in the park
Part of Scott Lake

The dump station
We still have the rest Scott lake to walk around, but it's just too wet and the grass is too high.  The maintenance men were around today mowing, but didn't get it all mowed today. 

We went to the BX (Base Exchange) to get a two-slice toaster.  We have a combination toaster oven and toaster but find it's too big and I don't use the oven part of it.  While we were out on the base, we checked what's been added to the area. We lived here 12 years, and left in 1994, but so much has changed it was hard finding our way around.  

We didn't do much the rest of the day.  I'm trying to label all the pictures on my PC, which is a job that will last a few years at the rate I'm doing it. I'll have a handle on finding them if I have a "tag" of some kind. I also have duplicates of pictures in different folders.  I never took time to name them, but it helps when you want to find a picture of something important.
Tomorrow we'll be with the kids.  It's nice not having to do anything special to do.


Gypsy said...

I used my toaster oven as both, but not often enough for the space it took up on the counter. I have it back out again but will get a 2 slice toaster as soon as I get to it on my prioritized list (about 1 thousand items long!)

Roadrunner Chronicles said...

How would you rate the FamCamp there? It looks adequate.

Things at most bases change so much over the years! If they aren't closed, many bases are adding units from those that did close and sometimes they are hard to recognize. I have been to Scott AFB many times and it will be interesting to see what it looks like now.

The picture thing is an elephant that is growing by leaps and bounds for me. I need to do what you are doing and label them so I have a better chance of finding them...

Speedy said...

We have things to do everyday but then we don't have to do it at the pace we use to. I had to buy an extention cord when we got the RV and with some luck have had to use it only twice.

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Hey you guys are at Scott AFB. We live on the MO side of the river in Dardenne Prairie MO About 60 miles west of where you are in St Charles County. When Sam was flying in the Navy during the Viet Nam War, just about all the Air Force Hospital planes were from Scott, they would take the wounded guys back to the states and other locations to big hospitals. What a great job they did. Hope you get a chance to sightsee the St Louis Area, so much to see and when the sun comes back it will be beautiful, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.