Monday, January 11, 2010

Visitors - Geocaching


I learned about Geocaching in 2007. We went to Illinois to see the kids and there's geocache in Collinsville under a water tower shaped as a bottle of catsup that's a 150' tall.

We tried for two years to find that geocache. I contacted the owner of the cache by email to get a hint of where it was located, but I never heard from him. So I contacted the last person that found the cache and heard from him right away. We corresponded by email for the past two years. Dom and his friend Ellen, who lives in NY, were on their way to Florida emailed me last week and said he was on the way and would like to stop by to see our unit. He follows us on the blog so he knew we weren't in Cary anymore.

He called about noon and said he was just a few miles away. What a visit! We found some geocaches around the area within five miles. We found two out of three. The temperature was at 34 so it was too cold to stay out too long. It was so fun being with someone that's found over 1100 caches, and has hid 19. I learned more about the GPS that's for sure.

Speaking of GPS. Ellen had the Apple Iphone 3GS. We went everywhere with that phone/GPS/and everything you can think of that she had on it. I learned more of where we're living just by going geocaching today.

I made our first meal in our new home with wonderful friends. It was sad seeing them leave, but with hugs and saying we'll see you again soon, we have a home on wheels and we'll see you when we come up to the NY area. They went back to the hotel and tomorrow they'll continue their trip to Florida.

Jim sold his precious speakers and TV today. A guy contacted him last night and bought the TV, speakers and receiver. Jim is one happy camper. We're moving right along.

Days to get on the road 36

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Frerx Adventures said...

Hi Dee,
Hey I forwarded your geocaching post to my sister. She and her husband now have over 1500 'finds' in their geocaching adventures and she loves the idea that is 'sport' is catching on so with RVers.

Maybe when you do your next trip to O'Fallon, IL, if we know in advance we'll go down to Beaver Dam State Park by our son and meet you guys.

I've never seen the 'ketchup bottle' water tower, so if you haven't found the cache yet we could do a daytrip to give it another shot!!

Hugs, C