Saturday, January 9, 2010

Man's Day - TV Installation

Jim was out the door early to get the TV from the apartment and pick up his friend Jeff to help put it in the RV. What is it with GUYS that everything has to be bigger and better. The job was supposed to be a couple of hours, but it ended up taking all day.

Here's the 32" TV that came in the RV.

The wires are on the left side of the TV.

The back of the 37" TV has the wires coming out of the right side

Unhooking the 32" wasn't a problem.

It took both of them to handle the TV and take it off the hinge.

The back of the 37" had to have a slot cut into it because the latch and wires wouldn't go through. There were mounting brackets that had to be taken off. Here's Jeff removing the stand from the 37" TV.

There were wires everywhere. Our back speakers never did work with the TV, only with DVD movies.

Deciding which wires would work and which wouldn't.

All these wires were taken out:

Replaced with just these two. HDMI and digital cable.

Bringing the receiver in and out wasn't easy. The wires weren't long enough to bring it out all the way to plug in the wires.

Both guys were checking the 37" to see what wires went where and made a chart on paper to be sure they had an idea what was needed.

Jim did a lot of holding and lifting while Jeff did all the hard work of screwing in the screws and getting the mounts in the right place.

Jeff also spent a lot of time in the back pulling wires from the top to the bottom and hoping they'd reach.

Wires pulled through at the bottom across to the right side.

This is the cut out of all the plastic so the bracket would fit.

The Dremel tool was used a lot today.

Cutting holes in the metal bracket for cabling was done outside. Slivers of metal were flying everywhere!

This is the storage section behind the TV that the bracket attaches to. Note the new wire bundle.

After another three hours they got the TV installed. The speakers work and so does the TV, with a great picture.

The final product, with the Phil and Dal football game. Now I have a very happy man.

By the time it was all done it was time for dinner so we took off and ate out with our great friends. Thanks Jeff for a tremendous job, it's never easy. It seems anything with electronics and computers just triple the time.

Now we're ready. We've decided to delay the Texas trip a couple of days. The Daytona 500 is the weekend we were going to take off. We can't do that!

New date to head to Texas Feb 15, which adds 2 days to previous countdown 38


ANT-zee said...

Jeez, by the looks of it, you could have fit a 50" in there easy...

Randy and Pam Warner said...

Great pictures! Nice job on the TV. Just in time to see the Eagles get smoked!