Friday, January 8, 2010

NO SNOW! - Finding Campgrounds

The temps never got much above freezing, but not cold enough for snow. The weathermen are really bad at predicting snow in this area. There's so many people that want it to snow, that they just can't get it right. It's happened many times. All that time and money putting down salt spray, it was washed off by rain. It dropped temps all day long. It's suppose to be 19 tonight, brrrrr.

Jim was home today so we worked on our new year financials and did some computer work. Jim had to get his truck registration it's due next week. We'll have to pay here and in Texas in two months, timing wasn't on our side this time, so we'll have to put out some extra money staying legal.

I worked on campgrounds for our trip to Texas. Being new at all this it's going to be challenging, especially finding something open this time of year. We may be doing quite a bit of boondocking at Walmart's.

We were talking in the chatroom last night how you get really settled in to a park and get too comfortable. We were talking about that ourselves, how this park is nice and being nervous about moving. Now that we're totally packed, we're sure of being over weight, but we'll have to weigh to see how much over.

Jim dumped and put more water in the tanks. It's been a week, so maybe we're into a routine now on how much water we use. It's to be really cold possibly down to 12 degrees the next few nights so we'll need to watch the propane closer. So far the propane is still holding, we're learning.

We went over to the apartment for mail and check on the apartment.

Days left to go to Texas 36

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